Volunteer Actions in 7 ENYC countries


VOLUNTEER ACTION: Distributing flyers, promoting recyling and ecological awareness. The youth group doing this action was dressed as “Bees” (!).



First action, was the cleaning of the beach and surroundings of  our youth centre.

Second action is an activity day at local pension house took elders out and so on.

The youngster participating to this action are a group of unemployed youngsters carrying out an inclusion project in co-operation with our center.


FYROM – Youth Organisation CreACTive

VOLUNTEER ACTIONS: Activities aiming at raising awareness about the environmental protection.

The First day our volunteers organised workshops in the field of environmental protection in all the primary schools to the 7th and 8th grade, in the town of Kavadarci using the game methods.

The second day, there were 5 activities which took a place close to the Playground “Jasmin stadium” where usually we organize our sport activities.

The follow activities were organized:

  1. Tie dye, workshop recycling old t-shirts by wrapping them up and putting them in a bucket with dye.

  2. Sport: practicing javelin with recycled branches,

  3. games: playing games where they used plastic bags of grapes,

  4. planting seeds and decorating of the pots,

  5. cleaning: the youngsters got garbage bags and gloves and had to clean the surrounding of the Playground “Jasmin stadium”.

The activities were led by our local young volunteers from the youth centre creACTive and our EVS Volunteers.  Around 100 local kids were involved directly. These activities were presented o the local TV station in Kavadarci.


VOLUNTEER ACTION: Flash-mob* in the street of Issoire. It consisted in putting a plastic bottle on the ground near a trash can and waiting for anyone’s reaction. When a person put thebottle in the trash bin, we applauded at him and inform of our action by a banner. Flowers were given to the winner!

[*A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire.  Source: Wikipedia]



First action was the cleaning of the beach nearby our centre with a group of young immigrants. We gathered 7 bags of 70 liters each!!

Second action was the creation of a “monster” out of recycling material; this monster is eating garbage to be recycled.


VOLUNTEER ACTION: Environmental cleaning of the surrounding of the future cultural centre in Banska Bystrica. This place is closely connected with special theatre in our city, at which they employ and take care of people with special needs, who also act as actors in play that they perform for the public. After reconstruction of the building, the place will also be used for performing shows of this special teathre troupe.


TURKEY – Youth Organisation System & Generation

VOLUNTEER ACTION: Cleaning action at a pic-nic area with an integenerational group: young people, children, parents, grandparents.


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