Turkey – S & G – System and Generation Association

Details of the member organisation / center

Name: System and Generation Association

Street address: Necatibey Caddesi, No: 19/21

Postcode: 06430

City: Ankara

Region: Orta Anadolu

Country: Turkey

Email: systemandgenerationoffice@gmail.com

Website: www.systemandgeneration.com

Telephone: +905334255299

Telefax: +903122305341

Contact person

Mr  Gürkan Akçaer

Position/function: Vice – President

Contact Email: systemandgenerationoffice@gmail.com

Contact Telephone: +905334255299

Profile of the member organisation/center

Type of organisation: NGO

Status of organisation: non-governmental

Activity level of organisation international

Short description of organisation / center:

System and Generation Association
– S&G was established in 2008. There are members such as EU specialist, lawyer, and specialist of the development, academician, PCM-master, youth trainers, civil servant and people corded to private sector in our association.
In addition to this, there are volunteers more than 200 people and %90 of those is between the ages of 13-30. S&G aims at making young people integrated with the society, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them acquire knowledge and qualification getting them know young people from different cultures, empowering sympathy and tolerance, improving cooperation and encouraging European cooperation with young people, supporting the cooperation between the international institutions.
Motto of S&G: imaging the societal systems of yesterday and today can facilitate the generation of foresight in order to build tomorrow.
OUR VISION is to contribute
-Personal Development
-Vocational Qualification
-Employability of Young People by means of facilitating their participation in Learning Oriented European Journey and getting S&G operating at EU Level until the year 2023.

MISSION: To contribute a sustainable development and overcome the size of youngsters dreams by increasing the international mobility of young people and imaging the societal systems of yesterday and today.
S&G gets into the act about; increasing of economic growth, providing efficiency about increasing of production, sustaining the production, sustainability that cares socioeconomic needs and planning that analyse the problems, and also with the belief of projecting process, considering co-working culture by reaching this target as the best way, combining the systems which made in EU and creativity of our citizens especially the youth.
S&G has two web sites which are www.systemandgeneration.eu & www.nesilfest.com
Fields of Work: S&G Youth Caravan: for promotion of Visa-Free Europe, EurodeskTR and Education& Traininig with Erasmus+ for Youth as a Mobile youth Centre.
S&G Trainers Team: Project Development, Implementation and Trainings in Pro-Active Citizenship, PCM, Visual Production etc. S&G Office works as a Project Development Incubator and Learning Centre for Intercultural Learninig Oriented European Journeys.. S&G Club operates for Learning Foreign Language, Intercultural Mobility, Visual Arts, Physical Activities and Intergenerational Gatherings.

How the organization/center integrate the intercultural learning, human rights education and education for active citizenship in its activities?

S&G joined more than 50 projects on youth field both in domestic and overseas, prepared projects, presented and carried out them since its establishment.
Three projects of S&G applied with Non-Formal Learning Techniques such as Youth Caravan, New Constitution and EVS in Greece about Environment were selected as Best Practice by TNRA, EU and ALF. S&G is an incubator for project development.
Our association has hosted in Turkey more than 50 projects on youth field (TC, YE, seminars, study sessions, conferences etc.) prepared projects, presented and carried out them since its establishment. For 2014 we already send 70 participants abroad and host for different projects (TC, YE, EVS) in Turkey. In 2014 we developed and implement project ICE – Intercultural Citizenship Education which is include different topics from area of human rights education and active citizenship education. Often we work in this topics with the cooperation with Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation.

Please describe your experience in organization of international youth activities and the training of youth workers in multinational and multicultural context?

S&G regulary working in area of non-formal education for youth and youth workers.
Almost all our training courses has been organized in international level with cooperation minimum as 3-4 European countries. The fresh experience in this area was on Jenuary 2015
– TC Non-Formal Education As Important on Erasmus+, the target group for this TC were youth workers and youth liders who work with excluded groups.
On April 2014
– we had done TC ICE
– Intercultural Citizenship Education, organized for youth workers from 7 countries about non-formal education methods for teaching for active citizenship in intercultural community.
Before our organization was as a partner for the TC organized by slovakian partners: How to run Youth Centers. Members of our organization were involved as a trainers and facilitators for this TC.

What are the mechanisms you use in your organization / center in terms of ensuring the participation of young people in preparation and realization of your activities?

Nowadays we have in your organization a few initiative groups of young people who are involved as a volunteers to our daily activities and who working on development their own projects. Usually we involving young people in a project idea development phase
– by using brainstorming and discussions.
During the project preparation and implementation we give for them tasks and responsibilities, which volunteers doing with the facilitation of other experienced members of organization. To involve more young people we using our website and pages in social networks for announcement.

Where you see the role of your organization / center in promotion and implementation of the youth policies of Council of Europe in your country, region and internationally?

First of as one of main goals of our organization – to inform young people about youth policy of European Union by using EU programmes and tools as: Erasmus+ (Youth in Action – before Erasmus+).
With our project Yoth Caravan – we informing local (Turkish) youth about all opportunities which EU have for young people personal and professional development. We actively participating in all kind of National and International discussions for youth policy making and desigion making. For this issue we are actively cooperate with Turkish National Agency.

Please describe in a few words the facilities of your organization / center (accommodation, educational facilities, training staff, specific methodologies etc.).

Our organization’s office equipped all necessary technical and educational equipment for work with young people and for their development as: wifi, video camera, place for discussions, working areas with computers, projector and boards, books and brochures.
Most of our members has education in areas related to youth work: psychology, social work, social pedagogy and management. Their experience in area of project design and management, working as a trainers and facilitators for youth. Speak as minimum one foreign language. One of the specific methods which we usually use in our work: participatory video making methodology. For better management we usually use electronic system by using drive tools and emailing.

What are your priorities / fields of interest for cooperation with other members of the Network in the sphere of intercultural learning?

Good quality EVS; Youth workers education; Intercultural learning; Lifelong Learning; Entrepreneurship; Non-Formal Education.