Training courses 2016

Seminar focused on ENYC Network
“Quality without cooperation is not enough!” Inari (Finland) 18-23.9.2016

During the period 18-23.9.2016 the Youth Centre Villa Elba, member of the European Youth Centres network – ENYC, has organized a seminar in a beautiful place, the northernmost Youth Centre Vasatokka in Inari, Finland.

This seminar was focused on ENYC members’ participation and included also some new possible future ENYC partner organisations. Youth workers from different countries gathered to exchange ideas on international quality of youth work, on how the youth centres’ core values are shown in practical work and how to raise visibility of human rights’ education in our organisations.

The refugee situation in Europe has led to many discussions in ENYC network and more concrete actions are needed to prevent racism and intolerance. Through this seminar, we wanted to develop and bring depth to the work with young people, by encouraging organizers to work with human rights issues in their projects and contribute to young people’s awareness of human rights as well.
During the seminar, different working methods were used, such as experts lectures, role-play games, energizers, group work, presentations, study visits and organisations’ presentations.

The aim was, that in the future, ENYC network, in one way or another, will involve even more human rights education in the projects. Our goal was also by adding human rights education activities, to strengthen our common European values and to create more possibilities to realize equality.

During the seminar also a Board meeting of ENYC Network was held.

By visiting the National Museum of Finnish Sami – SIIDA and a reindeer’s’ farm as well we could get impression of the history and culture of the Finnish Sami people. This was a very strong experience.
We had also the chance to meet and discuss with two young representatives of the Youth Council of the Sami Parlament with seat in Inari. Young people have openly discussed about their life style, their difficulties, fears and happiness, future plans and about positive and negative aspects of Sami people living in Finland.

Every evening there was a possibility to spend a nice time in traditional Finnish sauna and afterwords to jump into the cold lake.

It has been a fruitful meeting, that brought us closer once again and opened space for new ideas and cooperation between our ENYC Network.

Many thanks to everybody!

Participating organisations:
ENYC full members:
Villa Elba (Finland), EURO-NET (Italy), Mladinski center Krsko (Slovenia), RCM (Slovakia), Narodni Institut pro dalsi vzdelavani (Czechia), S&G (Turkey), Filoxenia (Greece) and Haus der offenen Tür (Germany).

ENYC associate members:
Fundatia Judeteana Pentru Tineret Timis (Romania), MOP KKA Támaszpont (Hungary)

Other organisations:
Project Net (Latvia), Algemene Dienst Voor Jeugdtoerisme (Belgium), ASOCIATIA DE TINERI DIN ARDEAL (Romania) and Talk About Youth Project c/o St. Andrew’s Resource Centre (Ireland).

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Training seminar “EUROJAZZ” – music as a tool to battle for better future.

This training seminar took place in Kryoneri – Korinthia, Greece between 4.7. & 11.7.2016.
During those 8 days, 26 people in total gathered in a balanced way (gender and countries) from different countries, majority organisations are members of the European ENYC Network as organisations from Greece, Germany, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Austria and Czech Republic and worked together with the common theme. This seminar is one of the projects that resulted as a follow-up of the two previous Jazz Workshops, organised by the Greek association Filoxenia in July 2013 and July 2014.
Music is a great tool for bringing people together and an excellent way to bring people closer to other cultures as well.
Music is a language were everybody speak at once, everybody can understand.
Especially Jazz music gives a feeling of freedom, without limits (age, gender, race, etc.), where improvisation plays a central role.
During this project participants learned new methods, developed their skills in using music and they‘ve also got more information about the European programme Erasmus+ and intercultural activities.
The current project offered also participants a chance to learn to cooperate in a multicultural team, to develop their personal competences, such as music skills, language skills, organisational skills and to learn about new working methods as well.
During the training seminar we used a variety of non-formal learning methods such as workshops, ice-breakers, energizers, team building activities, work in small groups, dialogue, reflection, music-concerts, jam sessions, etc.
A tutors concert took place July 7, 2016 in the frame of the Kryoneri Cultural Week, attended by the local community.
A cultural visit in the city of Nafplio, the Environment Museum of Stymfalia, the Lechova monastery and the environmental footpath of Kryoneri have been also part of the programme.
This project has been supported by the European Commission – Programme Erasmus+ and has been co-ordinated by the organization Elisson gUG – Berlin (Germany).
This project had a big impact to the local community. The organizers in Germany and Greece are wishing to co-operate, for setting up similar projects in the future.
Many thanks to all partner organisations and the participants!