The work of ENYC 2007

Work of European Network of Youth Centers (EYCN) 2007

There are many different kinds of youth facilities across Europe.Those involved in the Network have a distinctive character….Such Centres:

  • deliberately engage in international and intercultural exchange and learning;
  • It promote awareness and encourage the development of Europe’s diverse cultural identities;
  • share the Council of Europe’s values of universal human rights and pluralist democracy;
  • seek solutions to such problems as xenophobia and racism.
Given the great diversity of youth provision in Europe, youth centres in different countries vary greatly in the scale of their involvement in these matters. To be a member of the EuropeanNetwork, a Centre is expected to have facilities of a high quality, including easy access to residential accommodation. It will also have staff able to engage young  people in learning about inter-cultural and international matters through their active participation. As they develop,
these centres may well offer forms of accredited training for young people and for youth workers in the nature of intercultural learning.

The work of EYCN in 2007

EYCN has continued to develop as a body promoting intercultural learning across Europe.
EYCN had 16 full members in 2007 and involved a large number of countries in its seminars and initiatives.

The priority for EYCN in 2007 was to develop the nature of the group’s activities through seminars and study visits, to strengthen the membership and membership criteria as well as the finances and administrative functioning of the organization.

Activities included:

Network led activities:

  • Bureau Meetings in Slovakia 9-11.03.2007 and in Luxembourg 21.09.2007
  • Seminar in 9-14.12.2007 in Budapest with themes of Networking at European level/ Portfolio of Youth worker training
  • General Assembly in Budapest
  • Website development
  • European EVS project co-ordinated by Greece
  • Bid for Youth Program 4.1. and plans for  seminar on Economics of Youth work (UK/FIN)
  • All Different/ All Equal Campaign
  • Participation in Coe/Eu cooperation Meeting

National –led activities on behalf of Network

  • Study Visit Armenia 31.08-8-7.9.2007
  • Study visit Luxemburg 20-26.09.2007
  • Study visit Finland 3-8.12.2007
  • Leonardo Da Vinci program for youth workers and tourism training Greece, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Finland.
  • Exchange program in Slovakia
  • Job shadow Luxembourg/ Finland
  • Job shadow Finland / Serbia / Bulgaria

Organizational information:


  • Mr Tom Wylie,United Kingdom,            President
  • Mr Zorko Skvor, Slovenia                    Vice president
  • Ms Nadia Marinova, Bulgaria                Vice president /Responsible for Development of Website         
  • Mr Panos Poulos, Greece                    Treasurer
  • Ms Ritva Saarikettu, Finland                General Secretary
  • Ms Jarka Lipkova, Slovakia                 member
  • Mr Claude Bodeving, Luxembourg        Responsible for Training programs
  • Areg Tadovosyan, Armenia                 Consultative member
  • Ms Viv Mckee,United Kingdom             Consultative member
  • Ms Dragana Stojanovic, Serbia            Consultative member
  • Mr Antonio Imbesi, Italy                     Consultative member

The Network’s address for legal purposes continues to be at its registered offices  in Strasbourg but direct contact is best made via the general secretary.Similarly,although the Network’s  Bank account is also in Strasbourg all financial matters are handled by the treasuer,Mr Panos Poulos, Greece. .

Contact person in Council of Europe is Ms Michele Bergdoll. The continuing support of the Council of Europe is appreciated, although the detail of the relationship has yet to be formalized.

Member Organisations:

  • Armenia              ”Pan-Armenian Youth International Centre” Foundation
  • Armenia              Network of Youth Centres in the Republic of Armenia
  • Bulgaria              Network of Youth Centres “Major”
  • Czech Republic    National Institute  of Children and Youth of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
  • Finland               Finnish Youth Centres organization
  • Greece               Youth Centre of Corinthia
  • Italy                   EURO-NET
  • Luxembourg       Training Centre Eisenborn
  • Serbia                Yugoslav Youth Information Centre
  • Slovakia             Centrum volneho casu Junior / Regional Youth Center in Banska Bystrica
  • Slovakia             Regionalne Centrum Mladezc / Regional Youth Center in Kosice
  • Slovenia             Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • United Kingdom   The National Youth Agency,England
  • Portugal              IPJ – Instituto Português da Juventude (National Institut of Youth Movijovem. Lisboa
  • Lithuania            The Department of Youth Affairs
  • Luxenbourg        Together- Pan European Network of Youth Organisations


  • Turkey      Youth Association for habitat and Agenda 21 (The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network)
  • Hungary    MOBILITAS Kèpzèsi ès Kutatàsi Igazgatòsàg
  • Russia      Youth Centre SPECTRUM of  the committee on social issues