Finland – Youth Centre Villa Elba

Villa Elba is a Youth Centre supported and observed by the Ministry of Education. We are specialized in youth work and our function is to develop the methods used in the field of youth work, to act as a centre for furthering the skills of the youth, and enable young people’s travelling domestically and abroad. The centers are run under the Finnish law covering youth work and by the Ministry of Education. In international work our goal is to offer youngsters the possibilities of learning in multicultural environment and finding their own strengths and abilities through international activity. Our work consists of international camps and programs, educational activities, practical training and voluntary work for young people, information and guidance about international programmes, projects and coordination of volunteering projects.

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Finland – Finnish Youth Centres Association

Finnish Youth Centres Association is umbrella organization of 10 National youth centres in Finland. The main task is coordinate Youth Centres work in National and international level.
The Youth Centres are run under the Finnish Youth Act and observed by the Ministry of Education.

Finnish Youth Centre Association is a National Development Centre working by support of Ministy of Education and Culture. Our work for Finnish Youth centres include:
– Support and services for the Youth Centres
– Cooperation with our interest groups
– Advocacy
– Public relations, communication and marketing
– Cooperation between the centres

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