Czech republic – National Institute for Further Education

The National Institute for Further Education (NIDV) is a directly managed organization of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with a nationwide guarantee of further education and professional development of pedagogical staff of schools and school facilities, including school facilities for leisure education. Many years of tradition and experience in the field of education and an extensive network of our methodologists, professional guarantors and external collaborators, among other things, provide us with the high quality and full-scale implementation of the tasks arising from the state priorities and the Ministry of Education departmental projects. For the target groups we provide a comprehensive offer of educational and consulting services, methodical and professional support, and at the same time we can respond operatively to current and specific needs and requirements of schools and teachers in individual regions of the Czech Republic. We also guarantee systemic care for talented or exceptionally gifted children and youth and targeted support for teachers to work with specific groups of pupils, such as children / pupils-foreigners or joint education.
An important part of our activity is the implementation of projects co-financed by the European Social Fund, through which the NIDV verifies and introduces innovative elements in the education system and fully supports pedagogical staff in increasing their professional and professional competencies.

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