Albania- ACT for SOCIETY Centre

ACT for SOCIETY Center Mission is to enhance the healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society. Its work consists on advocating for democracy and human right issues, promoting culture, connecting youth, stimulating the active participation of young people in the social life and decision-making processes, both in local and national level. ACT for SOCIETY Center, was established in January 2012. ACT for SOCIETY Center believes in the power of change. It aims at making this change happen through “…new, creative, and effective strategies and initiatives…”. The main focus of our projects is gender equality and equity, human rights, anti-violence and anti-extremism, participation in democracy, youth capacity-building. Its Objectives are: – Advocacy and awareness-raising, focusing on human rights topic; – Promote human rights and inclusiveness of marginalized groups and vulnerable groups; – Enhance youth activities through non-formal education; – Stimulate transparent decision-making processes in democracy; – Embrace think-tank ideology and stimulate research; – Active participation in international, regional and national networks; – Peace – Building through Culture and Art ACT for SOCIETY Center has immensely invested in human resources development. Upon its establishment, staff received comprehensive training and technical support including training retreats, training of trainers/training of consultants, regional internships, and on-the-job training that is followed by continuous professional and personal development. We are Accredited for EVS (European Volunteer Service)- Sending, Receiving and Coordinating Organisation with code 2015-1-SI02-KA110-013235 within the European Commission’s Erasmus+/ Youth in Action Programme.

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