Slovakia – Regional Youth Centre of Kosice


Details of the member organisation / center

Name of the

Centrum volneho casu – Regionalne centrum mladeze /

Regional youth centre of Kosice


Street address:

Strojárenská 3, 040 01


040 01












Contact person

Family name:

Munkova First name: Erika







Profile of the member organisation/center
Type: youth center
Status: Governmental organisation established by regional self-government for Košice region
Activity level: regional
Description of organisation/center:
– Centre realizes educational trainings and schoolings activities on the field of youth work,
– Centre is settlement of regional coordinator for programme “Youth in action”, methodical and schooling activities and the task of information worker for Eurodesk
– Centre is a hosting and sending organisation for EVS
– Centre organizes school competitions and Olympiads declared by Ministry of Education of
Slovak republic on regional level, organizes thematic trainings, meetings and thematic camps
How the organization/center integrate the intercultural learning, human rights education and education for active citizenship in its activities

centre is a settlement of regional coordinator of programme „Youth in Action“ and regional information worker of Eurodesk

centre organized regional competition about human rights for students

centre is responsible for promotion of student´s school councils and youth parliaments on local level

centre cooperates with regional youth council

Please describe your experience in organization of international youth activities and the training of youth workers in multinational and multicultural context?

Youth exchanges

Seminars and trainings


What are the mechanisms you use in your organization / center in terms of ensuring the participation of young people in preparation and realization of your activities?

– Cooperation with young people from different NGO and participation of them in preparation of our activities

Open club like a place for children and youth, which offers them a chance for spending their spare time by their interest and offer them modern services for children and youth

Where you see the role of your organization / center in promotion and implementation of the youth policies of Council of Europe in your country, region and internationally?

implementation of youth policies of Council of Europe in regional level
cooperation with department of children and youth of ministry of education on priority tasks in youth policy

Please describe in a few words the facilities of your organization / center (accommodation, educational facilities, training staff, specific methodologies etc.).

training modules (communication skills, youth participation, motivation , team building , project management, leaderships, European citizenship, )
– 4 trainers in centre and external trainers
– methodologies – workshops, role play, simulation, discussion,

What are your priorities / fields of interest for cooperation with other members of the Network in the sphere of intercultural learni

– Training and educational activities for youth leaders and youth workers

(Leadership, human rights, European citizenship, communication skills)

– Participation – working with school councils and youth parliaments on local and regional level )

Creation of youth policy conception on regional level

– Projects of youth exchanges, youth democracy,