Report- Bureau meeting 2005/2006

Report of the Bureau of the European Network of Youth Centers: November 5th, 2006

This report covers the work of the Bureau in 2005/2006. Two appendices are attached. Appendix 1 covers membership. Appendix 2 covers finance.

Activities of the Bureau.

This report does not try to include all the work of the members.
Although the statute was agreed in the autumn 2003, because of the difficulties in establishing a European organization, it was not until September 2006 that the first members were formally accepted. As a consequence progress has been slow, but now the basics are in place to allow the network to go forward.

The results are as follows:

The organization, with the support of the Council of Europe, has legal status as a European wide organization.
There is an established bank account and a formal membership, the details of which are at appendix 1
The bureau met as agreed in London in April
There is a communications strategy which is centred around the website. There is a website strategy and work is happening to timescale. The website will now be realized as the organization has some resource.
The organization was present at the Partnership Sectorial Meeting and strong representation was made about the role and contribution of the Network. Once communication issues are resolved it will be possible to post opportunities presented via the website
A seminar was organized for the Network on All Different, All Equal.
This also included the possibility of learning more about the Youth Workers Portfolio.

There have been financial, time and communication difficulties. Bureau members have financed the activities to date. Whilst this is possible for some organizations we need to take seriously the obligations to individuals and to ensure proper recompense. It is good that we now are in a better position to move forward. It is important that we take seriously the need raise resource for the administrative functions, including communication as well as programme funding.

Activities within the Network

An outline for a strategic plan was proposed for future development.
Euronet Italy proposed a youth exchange, Finland sent a group.
There was an open proposal for a Youth programme Action five large scale around cohesion.
The result is not yet known.
A training seminar about a model of Finnish Youth Centers was proposed and those partners which responded have taken the work forward

For the future we need a realistic plan, which is possible within the time and resources available. Improved communication will be key to this so an early realization of the website must be our goal. In addition, now the organization has formal members we need to clarify our links with the Council of Europe. Most important we need to have the confidence to go forward and undertake some shared activities so we make our partnership real.