Mobility Operational Office/ MOO

Mobility Operational Office/ MOO
MOO is supporting ENYC’s Administrative Board by:

* creating, maintaining and developing ENYC’s website
* making research, proposing and applying by centralized calls in European programmes/ actions, addressing international and European networks
* supporting the implementation of those projects

MOO applied and supported the implementation of the following projects:
* Centralized European Voluntary Service project 2008 (Youth in Action – EU grant)
* Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth 2011
(Open call – EU grant)
* Administrative grant 2011 – Category C (European Youth foundation – CoE)
* On-line platform creation as resource and exchange tool on youth projects about diversity and anti-racism 2012 – Category B (European Youth foundation – CoE)
* Administrative grant 2012 – Category C (European Youth foundation – CoE)
* Operational grant for European networks 2013 (Youth in Action – Action 4.1- EU grant)
* Support for Policy Reform- Civil Society Cooperation in the field of Youth 2015
(Erasmus+ Programme – KA3, EU grant) – to implement during 2016