International antiracist Football Tournament 4 to 8 July 2012

What?s the Mondiali about?

Knowledge, comparison and exchange are at the heart of all succesful initiatives and projects designed to fight the problems of racism and discrimination. Meeting people and getting to know them better are the starting points for overcoming fear and prejudice, which in the majority of cases give rise to social exclusion.
Meeting people is the cornerstone of the Antiracist World Cup. A coming together of all types of diversity: culture, colour, religion, social groups (ultras), sexual orientation, gender, age, etc. The Antiracist World Cup began life as a simple demonstration and with time has been transformed into a genuine laboratory of ideas. The event has given birth to parallel projects, cooperation between different groups and concrete action that takes place throughout the year.

14 Years of Mondiali AntirazzistiThe starting point was the discovery of common ground between people who had first met at the Antiracist World Cup. The resulting exchange of ideas led to agreement and then encouragement to experiment and find other common ways of fighting discrimination. Every year some 4.000 people representing over 200 teams (male, female and mixed) attend the Mondiali. Participants include groups of Italian ultras, supporters groups from many other European teams, immigrant associations from around the world, antiracism organisations, youth groups, etc.