Germany – Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken

Details of the member organisation / center

Name: Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken

Street address: Berner Str. 14

Postcode: 97084

City: Würzburg

Region: Bayern

Country: Germany



Telephone: 004993160060400

Telefax: 004993160060401

Anastazja Zydor
Anastazja Zydor

Contact person

Ms Anastazja Zydor

Position/function: EVS Coordinator

Contact Email:

Contact Telephone: 0049 931 730 41044

Profile of the member organisation/center

Type of organisation: Youth Education Centre

Status of organisation: other

Activity level of organisation international

Short description of organisation / center:

The Jubi is a hosting, sending and coordinating hosting organisation in the EVS program (2015-1-DE04-KA110-013075), a partner of the “Platform Network”, “European Network of Youth Centres” and Eurodesk Partner (DE-0036). Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken -The Youth Education Centre in Lower Franconia (Jubi) is an organisation, working intercultural with a nationwide model character. We offer diverse facets of youth work- it especially supports youth groups, social institutions and school classes in their process of intercultural opening. It offers practice in civil of one’s conviction. In the international context the Jubi supports international youth exchanges under an intercultural perspective and communicates through its own offers and in cooperation with other experienced organisations advanced practice to intercultural key competences. The Jubi is a hosting, sending and coordinating hosting organisation in the EVS program. HEI. REF: 2013-DE-100 a partner of the “Platform Network”, “European Network of Youth Centres” and Eurodesk Partner (DE-0036)

How the organization/center integrate the intercultural learning, human rights education and education for active citizenship in its activities?

Our educational offer is concerning mostly the topics: intercultural learning, civil courage, participation etc. We are working also together with the network of ‘School without Racism, School with Courage’.

Please describe your experience in organization of international youth activities and the training of youth workers in multinational and multicultural context?

One of the fields of our work is the international youth work. We are hosting (one volunteer a year), coordinating (5-10 volunteers a year) and sending (around 20 volunteers a year) organisation of the European Voluntary Service. We are also members of the Platform Network, Eurodesk as well as the european Network of Youth Centres. We are organising international youth exchanges as well as seminars for youth workers.

What are the mechanisms you use in your organization / center in terms of ensuring the participation of young people in preparation and realization of your activities?

We are working closely with young people. During the seminars and projects, we are asking them about their needs and wishes. Then we try to put their ideas in action.

Where you see the role of your organization / center in promotion and implementation of the youth policies of Council of Europe in your country, region and internationally?

The Jugendbildungsstätte Untefranken is the regional youth education centre of the county. Our educational offers are promoting the youth policies on regional level.

Please describe in a few words the facilities of your organization / center (accommodation, educational facilities, training staff, specific methodologies etc.).

In the youth centre despite of the pedagogical offer in the intercultural learning, we can also host other groups and projects. There are available:
– 8 modern seminar rooms (with the appropriate technical support)
– from 15 till 150 people,
– lodging (96 beds),
– board (canteen, coffee breaks),
– Common rooms with free time facilities,
– Reception.

What are your priorities / fields of interest for cooperation with other members of the Network in the sphere of intercultural learning?

We are interested in cooperation with the EVS projects as well as trainings for youth workers.