General Assembly 2013, Maribor, Slovenia

Protocol of the General Assembly
Maribor, Slovenia, 9.2.2013

According to the Statute’s article 9 and the point 6 of the General Assembly’s Agenda, the elections for a new Board of Directors of the European Network of Youth Centers have been held among the organisations’ representatives.

The following full member-organisations have been represented during the elections:

1. Network of Youth Centres “Major”, Bulgaria
2. Filoxenia, Greece
3. Regional Youth Center in Kosice, Slovakia
4. Centre for leisure time activities in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
5. Villa Elba, Finland
6. Network MaMa, Slovenia
7. System & Generation, Turkey

According to the elections’ procedure, the following persons have been appointed as Board of Directors officers for the period 2013-2016.

Ms Heli Lehto, Finland/ President
Ms Erika Munkova, Slovakia/ General Secretary
Mr Ivan Modev, Bulgaria/ Vice president
Mr Panos Poulos, Greece/ Treasurer
Mr Jurij Sarman, Slovenia/ Board member
Ms Jarmila Lipkova, Slovakia/ Board member
Mr Gürkan Akcaer, Turkey/ Board member

Maribor, 9.2.2013

The president
Heli Lehto

The General Secretary
Erika Munkova