General Assembly 2012, Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece

Minutes of the General Assembly
of the Réseau Européen de Centres de Jeunesse – European Network of Youth Centres
Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece, 28.1.2012

PLACE: Guest House Elisson, Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece
DATE: 28.1.2012 from 10.00-14.30 and 18.30-20.30

PRESENT: Viv McKee (UK), Erika Munkova (SK), Ritva Saarikettu (FIN), Panos Poulos (GR), Uroš Skrinar (SI), Jurij Sarman and Vasja Likavec (SI), Michaela Tuzilova and Martina Kratochvilova (CZ), Lilit Asatryan (AM), Gurkan Akcaer (TR), Emmanuel Mappus (ENYC Mobility Operational Office / GR), Hana Sebestova (ENYC Mobility Operational Office / GR)

REPRESENTED: Jarka Lipkova (SK), Adrien Promme (LU), Nadia Marinova (BU)

EXCUSED: Jean-Brice Blanc-Levigne from the interested member Maison des Jeunes d’Issoire
Ad. 1: Opening of the GA and Adoption of the Agenda
The President of ENYC, Viv McKee, opened the GA that took place in Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece and welcomed everyone present.
Viv McKee, ENYC President, clarified issues around voting eligibility and established that quorum was reached, because 12 members (or their representatives) of the ENYC with 11 voting rights were present (UK representatives does not have voting rights).

The President presented the agenda of the GA as previously circulated by the General Secretary (appendix 1). Asks for proposals for changes of the Agenda. Panos Poulos suggested to put after 5 also 5.1 Activity report of 2011. No other changes were suggested
The agenda of ENYC GA with suggested change was adopted by all members.

Ad.2: Membership of ENYC
The list of representatives was sent to MO (Member Organisation) with invitation to GA. The president presented the list of representatives and explained about the quorum that needs to be reached to change the statute. The list of representatives present or represented on ENYC GA can be found in appendix 1.
Viv McKee, ENYC president, established that the quorum for changing of the Statute was reached, because 11 members (or their representatives) of the ENYC with voting rights were present.
Viv McKee explained that she is not working anymore for NYA England and therefore does not have voting rights.

Ad.3: Presentation of the new ENYC member CEZAM Youth Centre Ruše
Vasja Likavec, the representative of CEZAM Youth Centre Ruše, presented two interesting video movies presenting CEZAM Youth Centre Ruše, he explained what they do, the methods they use and expressed the high interest of the organisation to become full member of ENYC network.
PThe president welcomed CEZAM Youth Centre Ruše as a full member of ENYC and looks forward to fruitfull cooperation in the future.

Ad. 4: Minutes from GA 2011, Kosice, Slovakia
The minutes of ENYC 2011 GA in Kosice, Slovakia, were sent to ENYC members by the General Secretary. Viv McKee asked if there was anything that needed to be clarified: No questions were raised, therefore she proposed the adoption of Minutes of the GA 2001 in Kosice, Slovakia.
The minutes from ENYC GA in Kosice, Slovakia, were adopted.

Ad. 5: Modification of Articles 1 nad 11 of the Statute
The Bureau’s proposals to improve the functioning of ENYC through key decision including modification of the Statutes were sent to all MO before this G.A. meeting.
The President went through each proposals and opened the debate.

Proposal 1 – Modification of Article 1: Change of the legal seat of ENYC network
The President and the Treasurer explained the reason for the change of the legal seat of ENYC network is needed. A discussion took place about it between the present members, where they agreed upon the need the change of legal seat for administrative reasons. The new address suggested for ENYC legal seat is:

c/O Association Musikado
Rue du 21 Juin 1944

In this organization there will be also a support person for ENYC, that will be taking care of post and other documents for ENYC. Michaela Tuzilova asked if this organization wished to be a ENYC member. Panos Poulos explained that they will be only the ENYC “post office”. Jurij Šarman suggested that there should be a written agreement signed between ENYC and Musikado Youth Association stating that they accept to host ENYC seat and mentioning their role (what they will do, how, who). Lilit Asatryan asked if they will do this voluntarily, Panos Poulos answered yes. She suggested that also that is written in agreement with them.
Michaela Tuzilova suggested that it would be good, that ENYC would get MO from France and with that we would also solve problem with the post address. Emmanuel Mappus explained that the Mobility Office is working on getting MO from France from 2010 and that the Maison des Jeunes d’Issoire (from the same region of Musikado Association) should apply for membership in 2012.
Vasja Likavec suggested that each youth centers promotes ENYC trough info points in their MO and trough web-pages that MO have.
The President gave Proposal 1 to vote. Proposal 1 was accepted with 11 of 11 votes FOR, 0 against.
Modification of Article 1 (proposal 1) was accepted.

Proposal 2 – Modification of Article 11:
The President presented the proposals and opened the debate.
The President gave Proposal 2 to vote. The proposal 2 was accepted with 11 of 11 votes FOR, 0 against.
Modification of Article 11 (proposal 2) was accepted.

Proposal 3 – elections
The President presented the proposal and opened the debate. After the debate, the president suggest to MO to vote about the next proposal:
Next elections will take place during the ENYC 2013 G.A. in Slovenia (weekend 11 – 13 / 01 / 2013 or 18 – 20 /01 / 2013). The exact dates will be confirmed by the Network MaMa (Slovenia) that host this G.A. until April 2012, because of possibility of getting financial support for GA. At that time, all MOs will be also informed about the exact dates.
The President gave proposal to vote. The proposal was accepted with 11 of 11 votes FOR, 0 against.
The proposal was accepted.

Ad. 5.1: Activity report of ENYC for 2011
The president gave word to the Secretary General and to Emmanuel Mappus. They presented the report.
The activity report was welcomed by MO and all MO thank to Mobility Operational Office for their good and constructive work.

Ad. 6: Report of the Treasurer
The financial report for the period 1st January till 31st December 2011 was presented to the MO by the Treasurer. The actual financial situation of the ENYC is 5.368,84 EUR at the bank account. The treasurer also suggested that the amount of Membership Fee for 2012 would remain 600 EUROs.
The President opened the debate about report.
The membership fee for 2012 was agreed to remain at 600 EUR.
About payment date of the membership fee, all MO should try to pay it on time. If they cannot do so, they should inform the Secretary General and the Treasurer, and the Bureau will decide and inform to the MO concerned how to proceed with this payment.
Within the existing policy that ENYC tries to cover costs for attending G.A.s for each MO, this stays the same, but MO hosting GA tries to secure extra finances for hosting GA.

Ad. 7: ENYC Strategic Plan
Viv McKee explained that ENYC strategic plan 2012 – 2014 was circulated among members (in appendix) and was prepared for a long time and now it is time to adopt it. She opened the debate
GA adopted the document ENYC STRATEGIC PLAN 2012 to 2014 with changes:
At Values: after bullet to promote voluntary work and solidarity make a new bullet: Promotion and strengtehning of networking among YC.
Page 4: Taking Action 2011 and beyond should be changed to Tasks to be done.
There should also be stated: the Strategic plan is implemented by Yearly operational plan, accepted for each year 2012.

Ad. 8: Operational Plan 2012
Emmanuel Mappus presented the Operational Work Frame for Year plan 2012-2013. MO discussed about it and suggested concrete projects and actions for 2012.
According to all suggestions and discussion by MO, Emmanuel will prepare draft operational plan for 2012 where core activities that ENYC needs to implement are included and that Mobility Operational Office and ENYC members will implement.

Ad. 9: Budget for 2012
The treasurer presented the provisional budget plan. Concrete one will be prepared for next Bureau meeting and the Bureau will adopt it.

Ad. 10: Date of the next GA and Bureau meetings
ENYC GA 2013 will be in Slovenia (11 – 13 / 01 / 2013 or 18 – 20 /01 / 2013). Exact dates will be confirmed by Slovenia (Network MaMa) until April 2012, because of possibility of getting financial support for GA. At that time, MO will be also informed about exact dates.
The dates of the next Bureau meeting will be agreed by Bureau members.

Ad. 11: Other matters
a) About the proposal from Italy, that money from operational grants should be allocated to all organisations, not only a few, after discussion the GA agreed that: the money will be allocated by the Bureau according to the Operating plan, that is accepted for each year.
b) General Secretary writes a letter to Antonino to give him answers to all his questions that he sent before GA.
c) HANDBOOK of ENYC Youth Centres: the youth centres’ data sheet prepared by to Emmanuel Mappus (M.O.O.) and proposed to the ENYC GA is waiting to be commented. A working group with Emmanuel Mappus and Vasja Likavec was created to finalise this form till the end of February 2012 and will then be sent to member to fill in.
d) ENYC paper on »YOUTH WORK IN ENYC«: each MO should complete / illustrate this paper with examples. The MOO (Emmanuel) will gather those information.

GA finished on 28.1.2012 at 20.23 hours.

Written by
Uroš Skrinar

Viv McKee