General Assembly 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia

General Assembly of the European Network of Youth Centres (ENYC)
Ljubljana, Slovenia 30.05.2009

Nadja Marinova, Ivan Modev, Michaela Tuzilova, Ritva Saarikettu, Kaisa Pyhälä, Panos Poulos, Jarmila Lipkova, Erika Munkova, Zorko Skvor, Ales Ojstersek, Viv McKee, Tom Wylie,
Judita Zareckaite, Emilio Perni, Jurij Sarman, Natasa Kalin, Maja Sedmak, Marko Pritznik, Maija Duktaj Fruk.

Opening of the Assembly and adoption of the Agenda
The President Tom Wylie opened the Assembly. The Agenda was adopted. The meeting clarified issues around voting eligibility. 9 of the 13 organisations represented were eligible to vote.

Membership of the Network
The Assembly agreed to improve on membership recruitment by the development of a clear written protocol for new members.
ENYC has13 member organizations in 2009 and has recruited 2 new members (Spain Murcia and Italy D.O.C. Torino). Details are attached. This will be explored further. Russia has not been active. Serbia has not still confirmed their participation with membership fee (they have informed that they will cover all membership fees from years before in July 2009).
Lithuania Babylon NGO sent an observer to the meeting.
Secretariat presented new membership application from Israel. Assembly agreed that they can be invited to have observer status but European Network of Youth Centres will have full membership status to the countries who are member of Council of Europe.
Board will make the final decision for new members as per the membership process.

Approval of the Accounts for the year 2008 and Report of the Treasurer.
The Report covered the financial situation of the Network and provided a summary of members’ payments and Bureau expenditure. The Treasurer will make contact with partners which have delayed payment. The Report was accepted.

Decision on the registration fee 2009-2010.
The Bureau proposed a fee of 500 Euro for the year 2009 and 600€ for the year 2010; it was accepted.

Activity report 2008 and work plan 2009-2010.
The activity report 2008 and work plan for the year 2009-10 was accepted. Annex 1

In the work plan will be added:
Network will organize several thematic meetings during 2009-2010
Invitation from Greece for the seminar in end September 2009. Proposal for theme of the seminar is “Places for Young people”.
Seminar in Czech Republic
Seminar in Bulgaria
Seminar in Finland

Council of Europe has not had final decision of ENYC illegibility. The letter of understanding has not signed.

In addition to membership fees it is anticipated that the budget for 2009-2010 will include:
Generalised EVS – project led by the Youth Centre Corinth, Greece. The Centre will administer the programme and budget. This budget will be 81.500€

Election of ENYC-office houlders 2009-2012
The ENYC Board 2009-2012 includes 7 members who are:
President Ms Viv Mckee/ United Kingdom
Vice President Mr Ivan Modev/ Bulgaria
Secretary General Ms Ritva Saarikettu/ Finland
Treasure Mr Panos Poulos/ Greece
Member Mr Juri Sarman/ Slovenia
Member Ms Michaela Tuzilova/ Czech Republic
Member Ms Erika Munkova/ Slovakia

Election of Honorable member:
The General assembly agreed to invite Mr Tom Wylie, Ms Viv Mckee , Mr Zorko Skvor, Nadia Marinova and Ms Jarka Lipkova for honorable members for ENYC network.

Dates of the General Assembly and Board meetings
General Assembly will be held in 2010. The Board will decide place and time later. The Board will have 2-3 meetings during the year to manage the progress of the work.

Tom Wylie Ritva Saarikettu
President Secretary