Report of the European Network Of Youth Centres (EYCN) – MARCH 2007


1.    Introduction

The report covers:

  • The work of EYCN in 2006
  • All Different All Equal
  • Work plan for 2007 and beyond

EYCN continues to develop as a body promoting intercultural learning across Europe.

EYCN had 14 full members in 2006 and involved a large number of countries in its seminars and initiatives. The continuing support of the Council of Europe is appreciated, although the detail of the relationship has yet to be formalized in a memorandum.

2.    The work of EYCN in 2006

The priority for EYCN in 2006 was to develop the nature of the group activities and to strengthen the memberships and financing of the organization.

Activities included:

  • Strategic and operational planning by the Bureau.
  • Study visit to Finland
  • EYCN coaching seminar on the opportunities available through European programmes
  • Representation by EYCN at European events, for an example the partnership sectorial group:   “ European Citizenship Quality Recognition” and dissemination of outcomes, including the development of the portfolio of youth workers.
  • Website strategy and development
  • European seminar on “ All Different-All Equal “
  • Bid to Action 4.1 for the involvement of young people in EYCN activities

3.    All Different – All Equal: seminar

EYCN approached the Council of Europe to identify of the opportunities to engage in the Council of Europe Campaign All Different – All Equal. EYCN is now represented on the Councils Steering group and as a consequence, there has been better take up of the campaign for example by the UK.

In addition, EYCN ran a seminar in December at the Strasbourg European Youth Centre. The seminar was led by DR Derrick Wilson, the Assistant Director of the UNESCO Centre at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.

Seminar covered:

  • Power Dynamics in Europe in the 21st Century
  • Tool of working with conflict
  • Power relations, equality and diversity

The seminar allowed participants including EYCN member to explore their personal and organizational experience within the context.  Discussion was intense. (A longer internal report about the seminar was made available to the representatives of the Council of Europe and the EYCN understand that this internal paper has now been circulated to member of the COES). In addition, there was a visit to the Council of Europe institutions and a presentation of the portfolio of youth workers.

4.    Work Plan for 2007 and beyond:

The General Assembly agreed a work plan 2007 that is now being implemented by the Bureau and EYCN members. The plan is at three levels:

A. Organization and administration:

  • The Bureau will meet 3 times in 2007
  • The General Assembly is planned Dec 2007
  • The roles of officers and the constitution of members has been clarified and strengthened.

B Activities managed by EYCN

A seminar is planned for December 2007 in Budapest on the accreditation of The Learning of young people and youth workers in the non-formal context, with a theme an intercultural dialogue. The details will be developed with EYCN members.

  • A centralized action bid for EVS programme.
  • Implementation of EYCN young people strategy (Dependent of successful application the 4.1)
  • Finland and UK proposal for research into economic benefits of youth work linking into work reported to the partnership sectorial group and building on united work within the countries. This will involve an application to the European Youth Foundation.
  • Preparation of applications for administrative support
  • Website developing
  • Membership strategy

C National activities working with EYCN

A number of member bodies are leading for the EYCN includes:

  • Luxembourg: Study visit
  • Seminar in Armenia
  • Increase in number of youth exchanges (Slovakia, Greece)
  • UK / European policyseminar
  • Leonardo da Vinci (Greece, Finland)


EYCN has made significant progress and will continue to do so. Draft plans are now in place for 2008, but will require proper discussions with the membership before they are made available for wider circulation.