D2-LT-ENYC-Banska Bystrica-SK

 Leisure Time Activities & Youth Centre CVC JUNIOR

In the frame of the EVS network: ENYC goes EVS

THEME: Media and communication/Youth information


DATES: September 2008 – March 2009


JUNIOR – Leisure Time Activities Centre is being transformed into Regional Youth Centre. It is the institution of the regional selfgovernment supporting non-formal education at the regional level
– organizing the leisure time activities
– running programmes focused on education in methodology of work for youth workers, leaders and young people
– preparing analysis of needs in the youth work for the local authorities
– develop and coordinate the programmes and the activities which support intercultural exchanges, active participation of the children and the young people, exchange experiences and best practices concerning above all the education of young leaders and workers.


The intercultural dimension is one of the main motivations for our organisation to take part in an EVS project. Meeting people from different countries, cultures and background is very important for the volunteers in this project as well as for the local community to become tolerant and more open towards people from different countries We believe that this cooperation will result in a new intercultural dimension of our activities, possible new initiatives and spreading the idea of common Europe.Therefore, we will try hard to help the volunteers in any situations and make their stay in our organization as pleasant as possible.


– Organising creative workshops for children and young people. Volunteers will choose activities according to their personal interests and preference.

– Preparing and running EU workshops for children. The volunteers will present the information about EU, the Youth in Action Porgramme, the EVS activities in a non-formal way as well as organise informal games and quizes about European countries and short games to fight prejudice aganist minorities or peopleanyhow different.

– Assistitng during sport and language competitions, taking part in irregular JUNIOR activities such as youth exchanges, trainings, Karneval party, …

– Working with children from gypsy and socially disadvanteged families: clubs for children and youth (activities about drug abuse, family live, puberty, leisure time activities, distributing old clothes).