The European Network of Youth Centres, ENYC, wishes to implement EVS projects among its member organisations, some of which are experienced with EVS, others are new and keen to develop it.
This EVS co-operation will be the occasion for this European network (15 organisations in 13 countries) to exchange young EVS volunteers, and, through this, reinforce the co-operation among them and the inter cultural dimension of their work. Those young volunteers will also play the role of multiplier in the hosting country and in the sending country (each member organisation is networked in its own country) in promoting the themes of international youth work.


The Objectives of this EVS co-operation are to:

    Support the inter cultural dimension in local youth work.

      Support youth participation.

        Give the chance for young people from the entire network to participate in mobility projects.

          Transfer know-how on youth matters & stimulate cooperation between members of the network.

            Promote intercultural tools and the mobility programs of both the Council of Europe and the European Commission

              Promote the ENYC activities.

                Support local cooperation between non-formal and formal education systems.

                  The coordination organisation, the ENYC network, will delegate the technical management of the EVS projects to an the EVS operational office, which will be based at the Youth Center of the County of Corinthia.

                  This EVS operational office consists of 3 staff members: one youth worker responsible of adminstration, one responsible for financial matters, and one coordinator/ trainer – all experienced in management of inter cultural projects in general, and EVS in particular. This staff team will be responsible for the following tasks:

                  • Administrative questions,
                  • Support and advice for the implementation of the EVS projects: creation of the expression of interest (when needed), selection and preparation of volunteers, implementation of the EVS activities (on-line support and follow-up of the EVS mentors, examples of activities, crisis management).
                  • Training of the volunteers,
                  • training of the staff (EVS mentors)
                  • evaluation of each EVS projects

                  ENYC EVS ‘Follow Up’ projects results 2009

                  The project was implemented during the period 1. Sept. 2008 – 31. Aug. 2009 and has been supported by the European Programme “Youth in Action” – European Voluntary Service (EACEA). read more