September 2007

EYCN has a place on the Partnership Sectorial Group; a stakeholder body with wide representation including the National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme, The Council of Europe, CDEJ, the Commission and the European Youth Forum.  This group shares information on current activities and makes recommendations about future plans.  The meeting had a full agenda and a lively discussion.

Partnership Training Activities

A new curriculum has been developed, through extensive consultation, for Training in European Citizenship.  National Agencies, in partnership with SALTO Training and Cooperation RC and the Partnership are implementing a new series of courses in 07/08.  Some 200 youth workers will benefit from this programme.  This figure includes 56 participants from neighbouring Partner Countries (in South East Europe, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus).  A European Citizenship Valorisation Seminar is scheduled for November 2007 to follow up and build on the experience of previous programme participants.  A publication on best practice will be made available after the seminar.  It was agreed that a 2-page summary on the concept of European citizenship would be helpful to extend understanding to a wider audience.

The Partnership remains committed to continued involvement in these programmes in 2008-2009, to a proper process of evaluation and to the continued involvement of Neighbouring Partner countries’ participants.  Further thought will be given to the resource implications of this.

Youthpass and the Portfolio

The Portfolio was launched in April 2007 in Schengen and has now been taken up by a number of youth groups.  Further thought is being given to the establishment of web-based support.  The Portfolio will be evaluated in 2010.

Youthpass has now been launched for use mainly in Actions 1.1, 2 and 4.3 of the Youth in Action Programme.  A support structure with a dedicated website and a Youthpass programme guide gives guidance on the process.  There was considerable interest in “recognition” and the possibility of a thematic seminar in 2008 on this subject.

Training of Trainers

Those engaged in training at European level are interested in the development of a coherent training strategy.  A stakeholder meeting of 30 participants mapped current “training the trainer” activity and used this as a basis for developing future strategy.  Follow up is likely to include guidelines on trainers’ competencies, a seminar on methodology and possibly a core “training the trainer” offer developed by the Partnership.  There was considerable discussion on next steps and it was agreed that work should go forward in 2008 which adds value to existing programmes and focuses on European level competencies.


The Partnership agreed to develop a training course on participation in 2008 if resources are available.  This will be complementary to other initiatives such as the current actions of SALTO Participation.

Training Publications

Coyote 14 will be prepared in 2008 with the editorial team meeting in the spring.  As yet, the focus is undecided.  If EYCN wishes we can send in proposals for topics or contributions to the Partnership.  Young people are also encouraged to send in proposals.  For further information see:

T-Kits – in 2008 priority will be given to updating existing T-Kits along with a quality check for existing translations.