ENYC on 9th European Platform of Youth Centres

Monday 4 th of June I went to Budapest to 9th European Platform of Youth Centres as representative of ENYC. First evenening we had dinner and welcome evening at the garden of European Youth Center Budapest (EYCB). I knew some of participants and some of them were new. There were representatives of eleven QL youth centres and two newcomers at QL.

First day we started with presentation of youth centres. I was representing ENYC. After welcome words we started with sessions. First session was leaded by Georges Metz, Quality Label Expert team. Session was: How to pitch the value of youth work in youth centres succesfuly. He was representing letter for policy makers at local and national level. Second Session was leaded by Antje Rotermund, Head of Youth Department, Council of Europe. We worked on Europe Recomendation on Youth Work, CM/Rec (2017)/4. Third workshop was leaded by Tim Odonoghue from Ireland about How youth centres can develop local and national youth policies. At the end of first day we had gueded tour around EYCB. At the evening we had boat cruise dinner on the Danube. That was good time for networking. I talked with Tim Odonoghue about membership in ENYC. They are still interested from last year, when Heli and I talked with him. I also talked with Sandra Britz from Marienthal Youth Centre, they are not interested at the moment, because they want to implement QL in their work.

Last day we had fourth session leaded by Catarina Silvander from Villa Elba. She represented system of indicators and tools for youth centres to mesure impact – Finish experience. We also had discussion about experiences. At the end we had presentation of our project 2018/2019. I notice that we work mainly programs with partners in our network. Next platform will be in Strasbour in 2019. After conclusion we had Lunch and departure home.

After this platform I came to conclusion, that we must make our network strong. We must contact Tim again and the managers from Portugal and Spain, both QL youth centre. After that we can help CoE with relabeling and labeling of youth centres.

Mitja Valentinc, member of board of ENYC