ENYC newsletter 2016 #2

ENYC newsletter 2016 #2

Information newsletter of the European Network of Youth Centres – E.N.Y.C.

1. 25th Memorable Celebration and seminar for Youth Centre Villa Elba!

Youth Centre Villa Elba celebrated its 25th anniversary in amazing blue and white winter weather.
The hall had fabulous decorations and all guests heard interesting speeches.
We learnt how important Youth Centre Villa Elba has been and is currently being for Young People and Youth work, not only in Kokkola but also nationally – and even internationally.
Youth work and young people`s futures are important for all of us.
It was great to hear that our future looks positive. We had speeches from Mayor of Kokkola,
Ms. Stina Mattila, Director of Company “Veikkaus”, Mr. Hannu Kareinen, (this company supports youth work in Finland), and Director of Youth service of Kokkola / Director of board Youth Centre Villa Elba Mr. Ronnie Djupsund.

The panel discussions included the themes; Nature School Work, International Work, as well as Networking and Other Services for Adults. It is a really wide range of services, activities and programs that we have here in Villa Elba.

We shared many wonderful memories and great stories with all the guests. Many people had nice memories through so many years and happenings in Villa Elba. To meet old friends, savor delicious cakes and sweets, washing it all down with tasty coffee, what party could be better.

Young people from Kokkola Rock School performed in the celebration.



2. ENYC Board meeting in Prague, Czech Republic
December 10th, 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic

This meeting has been hosted by the ENYC member, the Czech National Institute for Further Education (NIDV) http://www.nidv.cz/en/, which is situated in the historical centre of Prague.
The Board meeting was attended by Heli Lehto (FIN)-President, Erika Munkova (SK)-Secretary General, Panos Poulos (GR)-Treasurer and Gabriela Kynclova (CZ)-Member. Hana Sebestova from the Mobility Operational Office (GR) was also present.
Ex-Board member Michaela Tuzilova (NIDV) attended the meeting too.
During this meeting different topics have been discussed, such as: programme of ENYC’s General Assembly 2017, which will take place 16-18 January 2017 in Würzburg (Germany)
http://www.jubi-unterfranken.de/, ENYC’s new applicants from Austria and Bulgaria, ENYC’s website, Operational Grant 2016-2017, ENYC’s experts groups and strategic plan 2017-2018 and some more issues.

It has been a very successful meeting, in the beautiful atmosphere of Prague, connected with the European history.
We are looking forward to the next ENYC ‘s General Assembly in Germany, to meet all ENYC member organisations and the new applicants as well.


System and generation, Turkey

The Video Competition was launched to concentrate on the importance of tolerance,
breaking stereotypes, promoting mutual respect between neighbors.
It was granted by Anna Lindh Foundation upon the submission of the project prepared by
System and Generation Association.
The aim was to promote and increase mutual respect between the Turkish citizens and forced youth from diverse minorities who are tackling with social and cultural challenges by developing intercultural neighbor’s dialogue with involvement of Network Members as partner from 3 major cities of Turkey – Eskisehir, Antalya and Ankara. Young people from all over Turkey have the chance to participate in this video competition.

For the project, we created special webpage:

The submitted videos were viewed by jury, made of 4 representatives of the partner’s
organizations and 4 youngsters from the same organizations.
They decided if the submitted videos are appropriate and which one deserves to win a prize.
In August, the best videos were shown in the video festival “Dialogue between Neighbors” in the 3 partner cities: Ankara, Eskisehir and Antalya.
Their creators were invited to participate in the festivals. During the
festivals we organized workshops for the participants and guests.
Prizes for the winners as follows:
3rd place: Participation in Youth Exchange / Training course with S&G
2nd place: Participation in YO!Fest in Strasburg – 20-
1st place: Participation in ALF Forum in Malta in October. 2016

İlayda Gümüş won our hearts with her video for the contest Meeting My Neighbour.
She visited refugee family and showed us what is like to be refugee in Ankara.
You can watch the videos from the contest here: http://mmn.systemandgeneration.com/tr/galeri

“This year I’ve attended “Meeting My Neighbour” video contest. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only because I won the first place but also I got to experience a lot of things.
First of all to make my video I’ve visited a refugee family’s house. And seeing their living conditions in person made me realize how lucky I am to be standing where I am right now.
I get a good education, I have my own room, I can go to my warm bed during cold winter etc.
And now I think all of these things are not for nothing. I believe I have to study hard and use my opportunities to help the others who does not have the same opportunities that I do.
I believe this is least I can do.
After the announcement of the winners of the contest there were three video festivals in three cities of Turkey, in Antalya, Eskişehir, Ankara.
At those festivals meeting other winners and interacting with them was so nice.
We had great time together.
And there was a press release about the VideoFest in Eskişehir and being interviewed was such an honour.
In Ankara at the festival there were Syrian refugee kids and we’ve spent our day with them.
Seeing them in such a good mode made our days too.
This competition since from the beginning was amazing. I’ve met new people and spend great time with them. I am so happy that I had a part in this competition I wouldn’t change this experience to anything.
I am thankful to System&Generation Association for the whole experience.”

4. SEMINAR “Ohne Angst verschieden sein können” in Würzburg, Germany

The Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken organized a three days Seminar
“Ohne Angst verschieden sein können” (a quote from Adorno: to be able to be different without fear) from 9th till 11th of November 2016. On the first evening we started the seminar to commemorate the Cristal Night. We have listened to the rap song ‘Kristallnacht’ bei Samy Deluxe and the to preach poetry text of one of our pedagogues (Oliver Berger) about the Cristal Night.
There was a special guest, Batsheva Dagan: Polish-Israeli Shoah survivor, educator, author,
children psychologist, who writes books about Shoah addressed to children and teenagers.
We showed an animation film ‘Chika the dog in the ghetto’ which is based on one of her books.
After the film we had a discussion with the guest, Batsheva Dagan, she was telling about
her story but also about her books.


Batsheva Dagan Foto: Ivana Biscan                                                                          Scene from the movie „Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto“. Foto: Trikk17, dpa

5. „QUO VADIS, HUMAN?“ (Where is this world going?)
an international electronic artistic competition for students (14-20 years old)
organised by Regional youth centre Košice, Slovakia

The motto of the competition was:
“Now that we have learned to fly the air like birds, swim under water like fish, we lack one thing—to learn to live on earth as human beings.” (George Bernard Shaw)

We live in an amazing twenty-first century. Life has never been so easy as today. We have a roof over our heads, enough to eat, our drinking water flows directly from the tap, deadly epidemics do not threaten us, the world in which we live is relatively safe. We have access to information, education, we have freedom. We have things that make our lives easier that our parents could never have imagined… So we have everything we need for a satisfied and happy life. But … Are we really happy? What do we still lack?
This year’s competition “Quo vadis, human?” had the subtitle “Where is this world going?” and aimed to encourage young people to respond to current events in human society by artistic means.
Within the competition young people could tackle any current issues that resonate in the human society, whether at local, regional or global level.

There were 2 contest categories:
I. Two-dimensional work of art (all art technology + computer graphics)
II. Multimedia works (powerpoint slideshows, videos, music …)
Internet voting – price for work most voted for

More information, winning pictures:



6. Erasmus+ Youth in Action project K2 Boost Your Possibilities! – Youth Centres for Youth Mobility and Intercultural Learning: Impact of Internationality (2015–2017)

Finnish Youth Centres Association (Suomen nuorisokeskusyhdistys ry) is coordinating a project aiming to develop the quality and impact of international activities implemented by youth centres in three countries: Estonia, Slovenia and Finland. In addition to the co-operation, competence development and expertise sharing elements between the youth centres, the project includes a research module.
A pilot survey for making the impact of international activities visible in the level of young person is going to be launched in February 2016. Interviews are used to collect ideas about what impact can be also in group, community and societal level. During the study also the needs for structural changes in organizing international activities are evaluated and pointed out by young people and discussed directly to persons organizing or financing international activities through Deliberative Discussion Day procedure.
Researchers of the project: Ph.D. Anu Gretschel, Ph.D. Tomi Kiilakoski and research colleagues from Slovenia and Estonia: Teaching Assistant of Sociology Tina Cupar, University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts and MA, social work lecturer Merle Linno, University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences/ Institute of Social Studies.

7. EVS in Hammelburg, Germany
Coordinated by Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken (Würzburg, Germany)

My name is Andromachi Poulou, I’m from Greece and this year I decided to begin with my EVS (European Voluntary Service) and to spend 10 months in Germany, in a village called Hammelburg.

Since October 2016, I’m working in a school with the name “Kinderkiste”, which fills the “daytime” of the children, helping them do their homework, giving them the opportunity to do more activities like drawing, playing, reading and feel free to do whatever they like.
The environment is very cozy and the people very kind, showing to you that they accept and like you. I’m staying in a flat with two other volunteers (Spanish and Italian) and we three feel really glad that we met each other and have such a good relationship in an area that is totally foreign to us.
Also, once a week I have my German course which helps me to improve and upgrade my language skills.
Till now everything is going well and I’m sure that every youngster should feel more confident to start a project like this, which gives you the chance to see something different, to live in another country and to collect experiences by meeting new people, cultures and another way of spending one year not in your home.



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