ENYC newsletter 2013 #1

The aim of the exchange was to bring together, young people from different countries with the local community and special culture of the region.

under_one_sky1Participants took part in restoration work in the local observatory with the ultimate goal to build a planetarium, and in other activities which aimed to prepare the observatory in order to organize an Open Day with the participation of the local community.

Also, young people during the exchange presented data of the culture and history of their country, but they also came in contact with the traditional culture of the region and the cultures of the other countries of the exchange.

[For more information : http://filox.org/en/ ]

2. "JAM ALL"- Music exchange in Finland


“Jam All” youth exchange held in Kokkola (Finland) brought together 50 youngsters between 15-20 years old from five countries: Finland, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Spain.

Young people coming from different cultures and backgrounds but with a common interest, connected through the global language of music.

“Jam All” gave a chance to young people to feel the connection with other youngsters, learned from each other and from different cultures, from different musical styles and gave opportunity to build a band in just one week.

During the exchange the participants practiced together with other musicians in mixed groups, with different musical backgrounds, music such as: Rock-Blues-Rap-Pop etc…

jam_all_2The participants of the “Jam All” rehearsed a multicultural happening, event to local youngsters. This event was held on the last day of the exchange together with bands and local musicians in front of the local youngsters. The performance gave a fresh multicultural spirit to the other performances held in Kokkola.

During this time, young people worked on teamwork, persistence, on planning and practicing together.

Young Greek participants hopes that one day they will live again this unforgettable experience.

For more information : http://filox.org/en/]

3. Pilot project “Ludo Ergo Sum” 


“Global learning”
 [Pilot project “Ludo Ergo Sum”: an interactive tool for identification of transversal competences]

In co-operation with 6 other European organisations Filoxenia develops a pilot serious game (video game with educational purposes) as a tool to help young people to identify the competences they have acquired in informal and non-formal activities. Aim is to help them promote themselves and increase their employability.
The young people will play this video game alone or in small group (each youngster would have their computer) supported by a youth worker that will animate the learning process: reflexion on competences, discussion about some game situation and the player manage it etc. The youth worker will have access to statistics informing him/her about the way the youngster plays: repetition of mistake, ability to ask for help, etc.
The method is thanks to the competences developed the virtual hero through the game quests, to make young people reflect about transversal competences such as communication, work in a team, solve a problem, etc. Those competences are recognized by entreprise as important as technical competences (recognize by a diploma) but young people are not aware about them. This is specifically important for young people with low qualifications.
A test version will be ready in spring 2014, final version in autumn 2014.
This project is funded by the European programme Leonardo Da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation.

For more information: emmanuel@filox.org]

4 . Sports for All - Sports for Social Inclusion

12-meeting-gru-grExchange methods, and develop new ideas using sports as a tool for social inclusion of different target group, this is in a nutshell the project “Sports for All – Sports for Social Inclusion”. This project was developped from September 2011 till July 2013 by 5 European organisation from France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Greece. The Slovak partner was the Youth Center of Kosice and the Greek partner was the Youth Center – Youth Support Organisation Filoxenia, both members of ENYC.
Aims of this project:

Showing educational values of sports in the society: helping people throught sports practices to become active citizens. Sport is a mirror of the society: it reveals the reality of tolerance, of sharing, of solidarity, of common welfare, of understanding the other.

  • Sharing good practices in sports in differents countries and social groups.
  • Insisting on participation: changing the unique gold medal for a gift for eveyone.
  • Making popular physical activities whithout any risk for your health.

One of the results of this project is the realisation of the Youth Exchange “Sports 4 All” by our organisation “Filoxenia”.

It is important to notice that in the new programme ERASMUS+, a budget line will be dedicated to sports and young people.

This project has been funded by the European programme Grundtvig, Learning Partnership.

For more information: 
& emmanuel@filox.org

5 . MY EVS IN ANKARA, Turkey


European Voluntary Service between ENYC organisations
(Filoxenia, Greece – System and Generation, Turkey)

My name is Vasiliki Stavroglou, I am Greek and I am doing my long term (10 months) EVS program in Ankara. I have one roommate, she is from Ukraine and she is also EVS Volunteer at the same organization. Our Hosting Organization “System and Generation”, is located in the city Center of Ankara, where there are many shops, street markets so every day I get in touch with the Turkish culture.

Me and my roommate, during our free time, we are traveling around Ankara and hang out with friends, enjoying the Turkish culture and the Turkish hospitality.

My Hosting Organization is an Youth Association. So every day many youngsters come to the office, to learn about Youth in Action Programs, or to learn about the local activities of my HO.


My EVS theme is about European Awareness, Media and Communication and Youth Information.  That means that my tasks are focus to inform the young people about EU and special about EVS Program. I am  also responsible for Youth Telegraph, responding at email and searching for program opportunities. Sometimes I give English of Greek lessons, depends of the needs of the Young people who are going to have their EVS abroad..

As well I am helping at organizing or I participate  in the local activities of the Hosting Organization. Specific, this period they have a big project about “Inter-generation Dialogue”.

They bring together elderly and young people, through activities, which aim is the Active Life of Elderly People. Picnic, music concert, NesilFest  are some of the activities that will take place.


article_6_1European Voluntary Service between ENYC organisations
(Filoxenia, Greece – Casa da Juventude, Portugal)

If you are 18-30 years old and you want to experience something different, to learn more about other cultures, languages, lifestyles, but also to discover more about yourself, what are your talents and what actually make you feel happy… don’t think too much, just become a volunteer!
In my case the EVS (European Voluntary Service) came out of nowhere! But that’s why the phrase “Everything happens for a reason” exists. I was informed about the possibility to become a volunteer through an NGO (non government organization) “FILOXENIA” and I find it really interesting, so I said yes! My thought was: “Why not to try?”, and now I feel more than lucky because of this decision!

I’m already in the middle of my service and I feel like “another person”. I observe many changes on myself. I feel that it’s a big challenge and that I can contribute a lot by helping other people and learning a lot of new things! It’s amazing feeling to enjoy what you are doing and not doing things just because you have to! And here is the big difference between work and being a volunteer.

article_6_3That is why is important to find the right project for yourself, depending on your own preferences and desires.
My project is occurred in the northern part of Portugal in a quiet, small and beautiful city called Amarante in a youth centre, Casa da Juventude! It is very diverse and this is also one of the reasons that makes me very satisfied, because I have the opportunity to learn a lot of new and different things, and to get important work experience in different fields that will absolutely help me in the future. Not only I improve myself in communication skills by learning a new language and improving my English, but I also learn how to work in a team in my daily life, to accept different opinions and that many “minds” can produce better results than one individual alone.

And what I’m really doing here? A lot! Firstly I work in Casa da Juventude, helping to organize projects and support each kind of event that is happening there. I also have the opportunity to be a part of the cultural agenda in the youth centre, so I decided to give Zumba lessons, just to enjoy dancing together with local people of Amarante.

article_6_2But the most important thing is to offer and share my knowledge and good will to the community through work in different institutions for elderly people, where we spend time with them and do different activities (gymnastics, drawings etc), people with disabilities, in which I choose the education sector and where I also teach the clients some basic English, and with children in a school and in an orphanage. At the end I would like to mention that we also work with local biological producers. Of course there are much more things, which if you want to know you should try it yourself! Because volunteering is a unique experience, a combination of giving and receiving back knowledge and feelings, a procedure of exploring and learning new things, an amazing long trip in which you meet new people and places, a lifetime experience!

7 . “Back To The Land”

_MG_0319From 7th to 15th of November Casa da Juventude of Amarante held a Grundtvig workshop.

Workshop “FAIR: Back to the land with fair and organic principles”,  was organized by Equacao, Cooperativa de Comercio Justo, Crl, a regional cooperative that was the first to introduce Fair Trade to Portugal in 2006.

The workshop intended to raise awareness and practice literacy about active citizenship, democracy, human rights, environment and sustainable development, social economy, responsible consuming and Fair Trade.

IMG_0767Project involved 26 participants from 13 different countries all over the Europe who are either working or interested in these topics. The main objective was to raise the awareness of young Europeans about their rights and duties and make them the multipliers of the outcomes of the workshops.

During the project participants had a chance to visit local organic farms and get the information about their work. We heard their stories and their reasons why they chose to have an alternative life style. We saw beautiful landscapes and enjoyed these days with producers who gave us the opportunity to experience a part of their daily choirs.

7 . Coming next
  • Celebration of Human Rights Day, 10 December, between ENYC organisations
  •  TC “DO IT (for) YOURSELF: learning how to design a sustainable life through reusing and recycling” in Amarante, Portugal
  • Story of “ENYC’s Bear mascot”

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