ENYC newsletter 2013 #2

Youth workers, trainers, coordinators, working in international youth work from ENYC’s member organisations Villa Elba (Finland), “CVC Junior” (Slovakia), “Maison des Jeunes Issoire” (France), “CVC Kosice” (Slovakia), “System and Generation” (Turkey), “Major Network” (Bulgaria), “Filoxenia” (Greece) had the chance to exchange their work experience on the intended objectives of this meeting.
ENYC’s Mobility Operational Office (with seat in Greece) supported the event.

This meeting was the occasion for all, to get to know better each other, to evaluate ENYC activities 2013 and to plan new common activities for 2014.
It was a good opportunity to meet and take a deeper look to the new European Commission programme “ERASMUS+”, its priorities and objectives and see together new possibilities for the Network.

The meeting was balanced in the workshops on the topics, with methods of brainstorming, working in groups, exchange of best practices, presentation of the ENYC website and get in touch with the Greek culture and Greek Gastronomy.

The meeting was held in the seminar house “Elisson” http://xenon.elisson.gr.

The next important event of ENYC Network will be the General Assembly, to be hosted in Istanbul in January 25, 2014.

2. "30 years anniversary of CVC - RCM / Regional youth centre of Kosice"


Regional youth centre of Kosice celebrated 22th November the 30 years anniversary since it was founded.
The day started with a seminar for youth workers – educators from centres for leisure time activities in Kosice region to present the youth work of Regional youth centre and share the experiences of professional staff of the centre. At the evening was continue the meeting of former and recently employees, collaborators and representatives of Kosice self government.
Since 2003 Regional youth centre was created in existing centre and during last years remarkable developed the youth work in different fields (trainings, seminars, non formal education, school councils, youth initiative, workshops, art, culture, science, sport, international mobility, EVS) following the european and national priorities of youth work, youth policy and as a member of European network of youth centres also the aims and priorities of CoE in the field of human rights education, participation and democracy.

Contact: Ing. Erika Munkova, Director CVČ – RCM Regional youth centre, Strojárska 3, 040 01 Košice, Slovak republic
tel: 00421556223820

[For more information : http://rcm.sk/]

3. “Training course in Amarante, Portugal”

malasFrom 21 to 27 November, AMC organized the Training Course “DO IT (for) YOURSELF!: learning how to design a sustainable life through reusing and recycling” in Amarante.

The aim of this project was to train youth workers to reuse and recycle materials and provided them with the competences to act as multipliers in their own organizations.

20131120_145521 Having in mind the urgency of a sustainable development in our societies, the idea behind this project was to empower youth workers and their organizations in terms of social and environmental responsibility, saving and optimizing resources and also strategies of self-financing.


The project involved 10 European programme countries (Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Spain, Finland, Greece and Latvia) and gathered 24 participants.

During 5 days, the training enhanced several activities connected with the reuse of materials such as PINHOLE, SEWING BAGS and PATCHWORK.

The experts and facilitators encouraged as much as possible the “learning by doing” and the results were very positive.

The project ended up with a showroom of the products made by the participants that were sold in a second hand market organised together with young people from the community.

4. „The celebration of International day of Human Rights (10th of December) 
among ENYC organisations“

E-living library

is an e-platform with living e-books. A living e-book is a person, who represents his/her culture. E-readers from ENYC organisations interact with this person through chat or Skype.

More then 20 stories were shared between young people from Greece, Turkey, Slovakia and Portugal on 10 of December 2013. One of the objective of this activity was break down stereotypes about other cultures in an interactive way and create channels of communication
between European youth.

Activities carried out in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

„Spreading the paralympionic ideas“

At 10th December 2013, the Centre of leisure time JUNIOR, held a quiz contest about paralympionism for disabled high school youth. It was named „We can make it together“. Main goal was to highlight the achievments of disabled sportsmen on various worldwide events, and to integrate paralympionic ideals into the education of disabled youth.
During the preparations for the contest, young people expanded their knowledge about history and present day paralympionics. They have learned about disabled people who are active sportsmen and are presenting Slovakia on various championships. This contest was, as well, an appeal to the students, to start doing sports based on their newfound sport heroes, those will and endurance are their new idols.
Students were competing in three-person groups, in theoretical part they were asked questions about: Origin and creation of paralympionic games; History of Slovak Paralympic Committee; Slovak paralympionics.
In practical part they were trying active sports (i.e. ball throwing), and designing medals for winners and promo materials.
During the final evaluation, contestants appreciated, that they don’t feel so excluded anymore, and they are now more able to come up to terms with prejudice and discrimination, which they felt so far. They understood, that everyone has equal chance, which was the main goal of this activity.

„Living library“
it’s a project, that enables to create a dialog between people, who are not likely to meet in everyday life and talk. So we decided to use this form on the International Day of Human Rights (10th December 2013), to point at the existence of various prejudicies and stereotypes.
We invited the „Living books“, people who talked about their discrimination and social cast out, they experienced. Amongst other there were: gipsy woman, who is not only acknowledged by the majority of society at the same time by her own gipsy husband, gay who is at the same time a gipsy, young drug user, serbian boy who lost his whole family during the war, blonde woman who is the target of many stereotypical jokes and humiliation, or a father that was denied his parenting.
All the „readers“ were moved by these stories and acknowlidged, that these problems has to be solved, and are needed to be debated openly, because they are not viable in today’s society.
During the final evaluation people showed their regret, that they were not able to read all the „books“. They agreed it was very helpful and educational for them and that they would like to meet these people again.

„Party with Participation“
DSC_0021CVČ-JUNIOR prepared a series of regional meetings of young, active people, who would like to participate on public life, and who would like to discuss their activities with the deputies of the autonomy.
First „Party with Participation“ was held in Banská Bystrica, in our Centre, on 6th November 2013. It was attended by students from Banská Bystrica and Brezno. During the first stage of the workshop, everyone present was talking about participation and young people learned who is responsible for different departments of self-governing region. Participants named few obstacles, that are preventing them in being active in public life, like: lack of time, other free time activities, being afraid to speak their mind, lack of financing and not knowing about possibilities of financing their projects.
On the other hand, young people spoke about the bonuses of participation – meeting new people, personal development, development of leadership capabilities and gaining experience. They also talked about the needs of change in their neighbourhood.
In the second part of the workshop, young people were talking to Member of Municipality Parliament and to deputy of Autonomous Region of Banská Bystrica about municipal and regional competencies, how to find financing of their projects and about how to gain information, about what’s going on in the region. Our workshop’s guests also provided information about how to approach Members of Parliaments and where to speak their opinions. They told the young people how to be an active citizens.
Meetings in Zvolen, which was held at 19th November 2013 and Rimavská Sobota at the 10th December 2013, were both carried in the same tone. The latest was arranged on the Day of International Rights. This part of our region is distinguishing by large Hungarian and Roma population, unemployment as high as near 36%. It was important to discuss about equal oppportunities and feeling we are part of a community, bonded together by a common identity and shared values.

„Student’s bazar“
bazarThere are not so many places, where to sell products you don’t need anymore, or those you made by yourself, in Banská Bystrica. Therefore students decided to hold a bazar during the International Day of Human Rights. Main articles were Christmas presents and decoration. Shopping was enhanced with food, interesting displays and the atmosphere was cheered by the band Pas de Pitié!
This activity created possibility to buy nice products by poor people and students.

Street action „Free Hugs“ in Greece



5. “ENYC Teddy bear”

enyc_teddy1Slovakia is a country where you will find historic city, but also small villages.
Fields planted with wheat, but also mountains and forests with different animals.
Our typical forest animal is bear.
We would like to introduce our little “ENYC Teddy bear” born in Slovakia.
He would like to see the world and would like to know how young people live there in your countries, what they do in your ENYC organizations.

Bulgary_012This idea was presented during the meeting of Board of directors in Bulgaria on 18th of September 2013, where his fate decided. Teddy is going to visit all the member’s organizations of our ENYC network.

He starts his travelling in VILLA ELBA in Kokkola. Teddy gets to go on adventures with the children visiting the Nature School. He goes on excursions to the nearby forest to experience the beautiful autumn time.

teddy3Teddy also participated in Christmas path event. It was an event for children and families to experience the magic of Christmas in the forest.

After his lovely time in Finland he visited ENYC  “Youth  Workers Meeting” in Kryoneri Greece, from Friday 13th till Monday 16th of December 2013. This meeting was the occasion for all to get to know each other better, to evaluate ENYC activities 2013 and to plan new common ENYC activities for 2014.
Just few days in warm environment and he decided to spend his Christmas time and support some youth activities in “JUNIOR Youth Centre” in  Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.
„In CVČ – JUNIOR we welcomed Teddy at the Christmas party on 18th December 2013. Instead of traditional cabbage soup, our colleague coming from Ukraine, who was just retiring, cooked for us Borsc (traditional Ukrainian soup). Our EVS volunteers prepared a little show – Irene from Spain danced a flamenco dance, Miriam from Austria singed Tyrol Christmas carols.
Our second activity was a “Roadshow“ at the Jozef Murgaš High School. Inspirational stories of the guests we invited, were all about various professions and possible interesting activities. Many students showed their interest in the creation and realisation of various projects. Later on, we plan to hold similar meetings in other schools and cities as well.


Next activity, which we organize regularly with our hosted EVS volunteers, was a visit to the school club of a special basic school in our city. Activities with children with special needs are prepared in advance and then carried out by our volunteers, in cooperation with our EVS coordinator. This time, it was drawing and preparation of masks, which were then used in an amusing game with dance.” (http://evscvcjunior.wordpress.com/)

From Slovakia he will travel to Istanbul for ENYC General Asembly, where our Greek colleagues will take him back to Greece to involve him to their activities.

Please, when Teddy is coming to visit you, show him your centre, your organization, your activities. He will be glad if you show him that you are very proud of what you like, what you do, how you spend your leisure time and what interesting you offer to youngsters.


Don’t forget to take pictures from interesting places, interesting activities in your centre, outdoor, anything you wish and of course all photos with our Teddy bear.

After his traveling and coming back to his place of birth, all pictures will be on our website. A photo exhibition will be created in the Regional youth centre – RCM in Kosice. Any organisation interested, can make the exhibition in their working place/youth centre as well.


Contact: sutaz.rcm@gmail.com

6. “Μusic without frontiers” in Kryoneri, Greece


The European youth exchange named “Music without frontiers” took successfully place in Kryoneri Korinthias and its results have been presented during the final concert, that took place in the Kryoneri open air amphitheater, on Friday, 5 July 2013.

This event opened also the “Cultural Week of Kryoneri 2013”.

Young musicians from Italy, Slovakia, Finland and Greece, including young immigrants from Africa and Latin America, have presented a unique programme, thrilled the audience of all ages, who actively participated and enjoyed the concert, with European traditional and modern sounds and African drums. The multilingual musical programme was produced during the 9-days of the youth exchange project.

This activity was held in Kryoneri from 28.6. till 6.07.2013 under the responsibility go the NGO “FILOXENIA”, in the framework of the European programme “Youth in Action”, supported by the European Commission through the Greek National Agency INEDIVIM.
The theme of the exchange was the fight against racism and xenophobia, the elimination of stereotypes about other people and the social integration of young people through music.

Besides the interactive music workshops, young participants visited the Environmental Museum of Stymfalia, the museum and the theater of Ancient Sikyon, the ancient castle Acrocorinth, the Canal of Corinth and the beautiful beach of Kiato.

The contact with the local community was very meaningful. The young people of Kryoneri and Kiato participated actively, embracing their guests.

This experience laid the basis for further music projects in Greece and abroad.

*** ENYC Newsletter 2013 / No 2  – mobility@eycn.org ***

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