ENYC Newsletter 2011 #1

1. Youth Voices for the environment (1): FRENCH ACTION, AN ECOLOGICAL FLASHMOB

[In the frame of the common ENYC volunteering action on the World Environment Day 05/06 ]

In France, the action corresponded to an ecological flash mob which was organized in the town
of Issoire by its Youth Centre. It consisted in putting a plastic bottle in the ground next to a trash
can in the street and waiting for anyone's Eco-friendly reaction.
The first one which took place on Saturday the 28th of May 2011 was very quick.
After 10 minutes, a child decided to pick up the bottle and play with it but his father came to the
trash can and told him to put the bottle into. After doing this, they were both applauded by the
crowd which had been early informed. A banner with "Nature says thanks to you" was suddenly
putting up and they were given a bunch of flowers.
The second flash mob took place on Friday the 2nd of June 2011, in bad weather and a lot of inhabitants were somewhere
else because of the bank holiday. A woman who worked in a store
decided to pick up the bottle after more than one hour of
waiting time!

According to youngsters, different feelings can be exposed, five of them have been asked about themselves.

"This is useful but people are used not to taking any wastes on the street, even I would not do it!"
- Florian , a 19 years old boy -

Flashmob_-_FR                                Flashmob_-__FR_2

"According to me, it was totally useless, except for youngsters who were informed of the flash mob."
- Dylan, a 16 years old boy -

"It was important to organize this for spectators of the video that has been made to aware people."
- Rabab, a 14 years old girl -

"We waited for too long for any reaction from the crowd, people don't take care of the nature!"
- Moataz, a 11 years old boy -

"As far as I am concerned, I would have taken the bottle even if the surprise was really amazing."
- Stéphanie, a 23 years old girl -

That's a fact, everyone is used to seeing wastes in the street and doesn't necessary feel concerned about
ecological consequences on our environment. It was amazing to realize the selfishness of everyone in this
kind of situation as long as it doesn't take place at home.

- Youth group of the Youth Centre of Issoire, FRANCE -

[More information on the 2011 volunteer actions: ]

2. Youth Voices for the environment (2): Tie - Dye, Game and Planting seed! (FYROM)
[In the frame of the common ENYC volunteering action on the World Environment Day 05/06]

The youth group of the Macedonian association CreACTive, organised workshops in the field of environmental protection in all the primary schools to the 7th and 8th grade, in the town of Kavadarci using the game methods.

The second day, there were 5 activities which took a place close to the Playground “Jasmin stadium” where usually we organize our sport activities.

Youth VoIcEs:
"I really liked the workshop for Tye - dying at the day of the local action which took a place in my town.

There were a lot of young people and we spent couple of hours and there was a lot of fun. These kind
of action are really good for socialisation and raising the awareness and importance to keep our planet clean."


“I really liked the action with the collecting the rubbish from the playground, because afterwards we made a beautiful picture of the place where we spend a lot of time playing, having fun and gathering together. I enjoyed seeing the grass green again.”

– Nikola –

“For this cleaning action we spent funny time cooperating to make our playground more beautiful place. We took participation in different sections like collecting the rubbish, playing competitive games, Tye dying, also the games where we should express our creativity. My opinion is that we should organise often actions like that having in mind that this is good for changing ideas and having lovely time together. Also, this action was broad-casted on the local TV station and sh owned others how important and how interesting is action of this kind for the raising the awareness for the ecology.”
Sredno –

“I took part as a leader of the group of cleaning section and was very happy that young people with a lot of fun and pleasure were cleaning the playground. In short period of time they collected the garbage and made the place totally different then before. But I think that we shouldn’t’t stop here. We should organise more actions like this in order to make protection of the nature as a habit.”


“I am very happy that we had a lot of positive thoughts after the action. The actions lasted few hours but spent great time working together, having fun and making new friends. I think we should organise actions like this every month. This will help to keep our place clean, to show others that they should take care about the place where they live. It is not enough to organise action like this only where is a day of the Planet Earth, Day of the tree or similar event, this should be a part of daily life. But it was good idea to start, anyway.”

Sime Iliev

Plants_MK Tie_Dye_MK Cleaning_MK

[More information on the 2011 volunteer actions: ]

3. Member’s Presentation: CEZAM Youth Centre (SLOVENIA)


On the 19th of August 2011 was the opening ceremony of the new CEZAM facilities, which include new cyber cafe, grand hall (fore 200 persons), small hall (fore seminars, projections, workshops, etc. for around 60 persons), new offices and terasse.

The so called »New CEZAM« facilities are in the same bouilding as Hotel VETER and Youth Hostel VETRNICA. Cezam and Youth Hostel VETRNICA have an written agreement-contract, that CEZAM can acomodate it s partners or visitors at any time. The capacity of Youth Hostel VETRNICA is 56 persons, the capacity of Hotel VETER is around 100 persons. The contract between CEZAM and Youth Hostel VETRNICA says that if there are no free beds in the Youth Hostel VETRNICA, that there are rooms available fore the same price in Hotel VETER, which have even more luxurious rooms.

Short history of Youth Centre CEZAM:

CEZAM was established with the decree of Municipality of Ruše at 17th of April 2000 . Cezam started to cover all of its area in 2011.

The new CEZAM facilities cover 1.134 m2, with parking garage included 2.600m2.

Our programme and goals:

– support of Youth autonomy,

– unformal learning and non-formal educating for Youth,

– support of unemployed youth and young scientists,

– care for less fortunate youth,

– promotion of volunteerism and solidarity among youth,

– youth mobility and international co-operation,

– promotion of healthy ways of life,

– assure cultural, creative and innovative ways of thinking and developing for youth,

– support involvement of the youth in public affairs in our community.

    Cezam_SI_3   Cezam_SI_5  Cezam_SI_1  Cezam_SI_7

Short and long term goals regarding Youth Work (words of the director Mihael Kranjčevič):

Cezam will follow the guide lines, which are obligatory by the law. In some parts of our programe we will try to fullfill the wishes of our local youth. Our goal is to become one of the best Youth Centre in Slovenia, and transfer these results at international level.

Greetigs from Youth Centre CEZAM, Slovenia!

– Vasja Likavec –

[More information at: CEZAM, Youth Centre of Ruše, Slovenia –]



It’s very hard to resume a stay of 2 months in few sentences. My name is Dejla I come from France and i arrived in Greece the 6th of june 2011 to stay here until the 12 of August.

What to tell you about my arrival? Greece is such a beautiful country where nature and civilization are perfectly united where past and present live in harmony. Sun, sea, mountain, new buildings, ancient ruins its a beautiful landscape who welcome you.

The crisis? You dont really feel it at first sight its only when you meet in the square some strikers spending all their nights debating peacefully about the society problems and how they can change it. You also feel the crisis when you speak to people in the evening in front of a glass of “frappé” or during the dinner time ( at what time you want because there is not time to eat here) talking with people eating “pitas” or “souvlakis” that you really understand that the country and the people are living bad times.

When i arrived i thought that greek people live beyond one’s means but i understand now that it’s not the case and the fact that they seem not to have problem is a strength they are showing that everything is ok and that life goes on even with problems they are still living going out at night to restaurant “tavernas” bars and night clubs.

Well lets talk about my experience now, so i live in Korinthos a city at about 80km from Athens well known for the canal.

I am here in the Leonardo Programm I am sharing the appartment with 2 french girls but turkish and british people will come soon. I asked before coming to have my training in the youth center to work directly with the staff who received me and it’s a very good experience with a very nice team. I worked with disabled people, with children , i participated in a paint exhibition, i have the opportunity to write this newsletter and more things are waiting for me i have one month again to enjoy life and work in greece.

See you!

– Dejla –

[Dejla was a French Leonardo Da Vinci trainee at the Youth Centre of Corinthia Greece, she also supported the ENYC Mobility Operational Office]

5. Cross- cultural feedback: Nikos from Greece in F.Y.R.O.Macedonia 

[Nikos Stratas, member of Yout Centre of Corinthia, participate to is first intercultural experience in FYROM in the frame of the trainin course  “Youth Centers – uniting young peopleorganised by CreACTive ]

Nothing is better than having a great time, meeting people and learning at the same time. I decided to participate at this training course in less than 1 hour and I have never regreted it. These 8 days were some of my best days of my life. I learnt a lot of things such as games which apart from entertain you can teach you a many things (meditation, teamwork, effective cooperation).

The seminar contained a lot of activities (visits, team games, karaoke nights, speeches by people involved with people with fewer opportunities) but the most important for me was the visit at the village of Drenovo. There we met people and mostly children aged 10-17 which were totally different with a definitely unusual behavior. Their parents were totally unaware of them and this was reason which caused their strange behavior. All the participants were speechless about children’s way of life.

The other participants were great. Each of them had his different personality, his different way of life depending on his origin. I learnt many important things about their cultures, their foods and their languages. We exchanged ideas about how we face people with fewer opportunities or how our country do this. The trainers knew very good their job and they were very friendly. They were coming with us at the nights for clubbing and this was very important for me because I came closer with the other participants thus I still have contact with them.

Finally, I want to point out that this seminar made me take one very important decision for me which has to do with my EVS. When I came back to Greece I immediately applied for my EVS in F.Y.R.O.MACEDONIA and I think that this is an eloquent testament for all I have mentioned.


Nikos_FYROM_1   Nikos_FYROM_2   Nikos_FYROM_3   Nikos_FYROM_4

[Nikos Stratas, member of Yout Centre of Corinthia, participate to is first intercultural experience in FYROM in the frame of the trainin course  “Youth Centers – uniting young peopleorganised by CreACTive ]

6. Coming next

  •  E-debate on “Volunteering and Solidarity for European Citizens” –  Thursday 08/12/2011 at  14.30 GMT.
    This e-debate is OPEN TO ALL. Take Part at;
  • “Give a hand” volunteer actions: solidarity bazars inENYC member organisation from 5 till 19th of December 2011;
  • ENYC general assembly: Beginning 2012 in Greece.

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