ENYC Membership

ENYC Membership

(actualized version 2010)The Aims of ENYC according to the Statute

Article 3
The aims of the Association are:
– to promote, under the auspices of the Council of Europe, co-operation between existing youth centres in the States parties to the European Cultural Convention;
– to encourage the development of youth centres with an international dimension;
– to exchange experiences and good practice, in particular as regards training of youth leaders and youth workers in a multinational and multicultural context;
– to disseminate information on the work of the Council of Europe in the youth field, and of the European Union and other relevant institutions;
– to contribute to the implementation of the objectives and priorities of the Council of Europe in the youth field;
– to contribute to youth policy development at local, regional, national and European levels.

Article 4
The aims of the association shall be free from self-interest. It shall be non profit-making. Any surpluses shall be re-invested in the activities of the association in accordance with the aims laid down.

Article 5
As laid down in Article 31 of the local Civil Code, the association shall be liable for any harm the administration, or any other representative appointed in accordance with the statutes, causes to a third party by any act for which liability shall be incurred, carried out in the performance of his or her duties.

Members of ENYC

Article 6
The association shall be composed of full members, associate members and honorary members.
Full membership shall be open to non-profit making youth centres being involved in education and training in the context of non-formal education/learning, capable of providing the necessary facilities, and acting in a context of public interest, whether they have legal personality or they belong to a federation, or they are placed under the supervision of a local or regional authority or a public body.
Full members are bodies or equivalent entities, which subscribe to the aims of the association and to the present Statute, and pay the subscription.
Associate membership shall be open to bodies, institutions or authorities with interest of whatever kind in education and training of young people, in the context of non-formal education/learning and in a European context, provided that they declare their allegiance to the network’s aims and principles.
Honorary membership shall be open to individuals who have served the network with distinction.
Only full members shall have the right to vote in the Association’s bodies. Associate members and honorary members shall only have consultative status.

Process of Membership

Article 7
Applications for full membership or associate membership shall be made to the Bureau in writing and shall state the applicant’s reasons for applying. The Bureau shall determine an application within three months of its receipt. An applicant or a member of the association may appeal to the General Assembly against decisions of the Bureau by a registered letter addressed to the President of the association.

Honorary membership shall be granted by the General Assembly by a three-quarters majority of members present or represented.
Honorary membership shall not take effect until accepted in writing by those receiving it.
The Bureau shall keep a list of members.

Article 8
Membership of the association shall lapse if the subscription is not paid.
The Bureau may decide to exclude a member in the event of serious violation of the aims or other statutory rules or for any other action seriously prejudicial to the association. It may also decide to exclude a member who is no longer active in his country in the domains in which he is involved, or who is no longer active within the framework of the network. The member concerned may appeal to the General Assembly within one month of notification of the decision.

Procedure for new members
(Bureau decision of Metsäkartano / Rautavaara, Finland, 19.06.2010

Due to the fact that a fluctuation of new members happened in the past, while new organisations, entered the Network, but haven’t been seriously involved and didn’t even pay membership’s fees, the Bureau decides to accept all applicants, as Associate Members for a period of up to 1 year, according to the statute.

They should get involved in at least one activity of ENYC during the associate membership’s period. They will be invited to ENYC’s General Assembly as observers, covering their own expenses. A visit to their sites is planed from the Bureau. After that period, a full membership should be awarded to them on the payment of the annual fee. Before that happens, the new applicants cannot use ENYC’s logo until they are in full membership.