E-Living Library Of Cultures

Is an e-platform with living e-books.
A living e-book is a person, who represents his/her culture (including migrants & minorities).
E-readers from ENYC organisations will interact with this person through chat or skype, at a scheduled day & time.

– Break down stereotypes about other cultures in an interactive way.
– Create channels of communication between European youth.
– Promote ENYC countries’ cultures & mutual understanding.
– Put light on minorities and migrants living in the youth centre’s area.
– Increase awareness about the e-living books’ own identity and culture.


 book-icon E-BOOKS

Rules for readers of the E-living library:
What to do?
It is expected that all the E-living books, who are being lent out, will be returned in the same condition they were in, at the time of check out. Treat the borrowed E-book with respect! You are encouraged to ask “stupid” questions and argue for your own point of view. But always with respect for the person, who volunteers as a loan object. The E-Living Book can choose to return to E-Living Library if he/she feels that they are not treated properly.
What are you supposed to do together?
For example: You can start off by sharing a little bit about yourself and feel free to ask questions about the borrowed books life, culture and values. Don’t be shy.

If you have any difficulties during your “E-Reading period”, please contact coordinator of the E-Living Library:

ENYC Mobility Office Skype account: enyc-network


E-living library, 10.12.2013 (Human Rights Day)

Duration: 3 hours /between 16:00 and 19:00 (EET), participating countries/organisations:
1. “FILOXENIA” Centre for Intercultural Youth Exchange Programmes, Greece
2.  CVC- Regional Youth Center Kosice, Slovakia
3. System & Generation, Turkey
4. Casa da Juventude Amarante, Portugal
5. M.O.O. ENYC, Greece

Summary of participants:15 + 2 coordinators (1 in Slovakia, 1 in Greece)
E-readers: 3+
How many stories were exchanged: around 25