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My name is Vasiliki Stavroglou
I studied teacher of kinder garden at University of Athens. I started involving in Youth in Action programs because as a teacher and working with children, I felt the responsibility of educate children. I wanted  to increase my knowledge about other cultures, to be more open-minded and increase my tolerance at differences.
I am EVS volunteer in Ankara, at  System and Generation Association. I am working in a youth association informing youngsters about the opportunities of EU programs. For many people it could be challenge as a Greek to come and live in Turkey. But me I never made negative thoughts about our common history. I never faced discrimination about my nationality. On the other hand I faced the Turkish hospitality as komsu(neighbor).  Its amazing to discover our common cultural habits, day by day.
I am sharing my story because I would like to motivate as many youngsters I can to involve in Youth In Action programs and take the advantages of them. As we live in a Multicultural Communities, we have to fortify ourselves with tolerance to promote peaceful societies!

Skype account: vasiliki245


My name is Mustafa Enes Karaca, I am 23 years old, from Ankara, Turkey. I am studying Economics at Hacattepe Ankara University. I work as a translator of English language. I have experience as a lifeguard and I was awarded as a lifeguard of the year 2013 in NJ.

Skype account: youthcaravan



My name is Juraj Vig , 19 years old.Slovak, student of graphic design, photo, video and painting. My hobbies are esoterica and magic. I am also activist in the area of LGBTI.

Skype account: kesu4


Hi, my name is Jan, I am from Slovakia. I live in Nitra. I like Jazz music, I play guitar.
Skype account: Jan Kostolany


George Fryganas
Hello, my name is George Fryganas, I am fifteen years old, I am playing tennis for five years. I like watching American TV-series or hanging out with friends :’)
Skype account: george.friganas

Hi, my name is Dimitris, I am from Ukraine. Last 12 years I am living in Greece. My hobbies are Art & traveling. I like to dance waltz.
Skype account: Dmytro.Hanolyak

Hello, I am Jenny from Moldova. I live 7 years in Greece. I am very open person. I like music, dogs, traveling and cooking. I feel very close to Greek culture.
Skype account: tzenoyla1

Shawon Ahmed
Hi, my name is Ahmed. When I was 18 years old I came from my home country Bangladesh to live in Greece. I like Pop music, dance.
Skype account: SHAWON-3

My name is Panagiotis!I am Greek, 16 years old! My life is music!I play piano,violin and flute!I like to sing as well. I love foreign languages and literature books especially fantasy novels!
Skype account: panagiotis.klonizakis1



I am Greek living 6 month in Portugal.

Skype account: e.l.s.o.u.l.a lada



Hi, my name is Bori, I am from Hungary but I am living in Portugal.
Skype account: boriska_hu

Hello, I am Michael from Denmark. At the moment I am living in Portugal, in Amarante.