Bureau Skype conference 14.10.2009


Time 14.10.2009 at 13.00-13.45

Participants; Panos Poulos, treasurer
Ritva Saarikettu, secretary
Erika Munkova, member
Juri Sarman; member

1 Opening of the meeting
Ritva Saarikettu invite members for skype meeting . This meeting was first try to use skype for regular meeting. All members are able to use skype.

2.Skype Board meetings
We agreed that Board will have meeting in skype once in the month. Next meeting will be 3.11.09 at 12 central European time ( 13.00 Finnish time and 11 Great Britan time)

3.CDEJ meeting information
We agreet to share information between members. Ritva will send document what Viv and Tom made to all bureau members. We will ask from Zorko and other ourcontact persons who attended in CDEJ meeting to have information what has been agreed.

4 ENYC- applications
Ritva informed about applications what has been submitted behalf of ENYC coordinated by Youth Centre Villa Elba, to European youth Foundation, Action A, Common seminar in Finland and Action C, Common leaflet , support for homepage and using new media/social media.
There has been also submitted application for EU Citizenship program
Call for proposals EACEA/11/2009 of Europe for citizens’ programme, Action 2,
Measures 2 Structural support for European public policy research organisations
Measure 2:
B. Civil society organisations working at European level
Ritva will send these applications to Bureau members.

5 Application procedure for new member candidates;
We really need new criteria for new members. It is really important that we can have partners who are following our quality standards and who with we can work together!

6 Enyc e-mails
All members of Bureau can use Enyc-e-mails and have own e-mail count. We should contact admin@eycn.org Ernestas Drunkilas to have password. It would be important to use this mail.

7 European level Democracy –project
Erika have had great Democracy seminar in Slovakia. We agreed that this would be great idea for common European level project. Erika promised to coordinate this application and send more information to others. She will be in contact of this project.