Bureau meeting 24.02.2010 Budapest, Hungary

Bureau minutes of the meeting in Budapest, Hungary, 24.2.2010

Present Bureau members

1. Ms Ritva Saarikettu, Finland/ General Secretary
2. Mr Panos Poulos, Greece/ Treasurer
3. Ms Erika Munkova, Slovakia/ Member
4. Ms Michaela Tuzilova/ Member
5. Mr Jurij Saarman, Slovenia/ Member

and Zorko Skvor Honorary member

The Bureau members, who have been invited through CoE to attend the 1st European Forum of Youth Centres in the European Youth Centre Budapest, have met in an extraordinary Bureau meeting, to discuss CoE’s “Label” proposals.

After discussing CoE’s initiative, we came to the following proposals:

we find the idea of introducing a “Label” for youth centres interesting, especially for countries who need to lobby with a European ”Label”
we will present our Centres as ENYC members
we are searching for new potential ENYC partners during the Forum

we try to push our positions into “Label’s” criteria such as:
not so “closed” monitoring once a year, but once in 3 years, as the EU-Commission is practicing with the EVS programme, easy access to residential facilities instead of a huge house with congress and hostel facilities.