Bureau meeting 20.-21.06.2008 Corinth, Greece


Date and place: 20.-21.06.2008 Youth Centre of Corinthia, Corinth Greece


Tom Wylie president

Panos Poulos

Viv Mckee

Nadia Marinova

Jarmila Lipkova

Ales Ostersek

Zorko Skvor

Ritva Saarikettu, secretary

Guests: Erika Munkova

Daniel Muller

Emmaunel Mappus

Ioanna Damala

1 Opening of the meeting

Mr Tom Wylie opened the meeting. We agreed the agenda .

We welcomed Mr. Daniel Muller to join our meeting as representative of Council of Europe,

2 Membership report

We have now 15 members. 9 of them have confirmed membership by paying membership fee. We have open questions with Serbia and Lithuania. Lithuania has not been active for 2 years now. We need to find another partner from Lithuania.

Portugal; Greece still have some contact with Portugal: Emmaunel Mappus will find out if we still find a partner from Portugal.


Paid 450€ last year, but nothing for the previous years .. Now we need to confirm with Dragana Stojanovic if they intend to pay membership fees this year. Otherwise their membership will lapse.

Murcia, Spain

Ritva will confirm from Murcia if they are willing to join.


Has not yet paid membership fee.

Together’, Luxembourg

They are full members.


Panos Poulos will contact them again.

Northern Ireland;

Viv Mckee will contact them again.


Both member organizations have paid their membership fees.


Marcello Incrassia from Torino: Italy informed Ritva Saarikettu about Italian network that is willing to join. Ritva will be in contact with Marcello.

Work program 2008

Our work as European Network of Youth Centers has been very successful this year. We have had common European Activities

Training seminars in Slovakia;

  • European Citizenship

  • Intercultural Learning,


European Network of Youth Centers EVS project was approved and will start 1.9.2008

Leonardo da Vinci training programme with Finland for Greek youth workers, tourism and multiprofessional practitioners.


Leondardo da Vinci training programme with Greece, England and Bulgaria for Finnish youth workers.

Contact with Council of Europe:

We discussed the protocol proposed in the meeting in Budapest and the forthcoming discussion with the ad hoc working group which the CoE had established. New contact person for us is Antje Rothemund, director of Budapest centre. In the next discussion with representatives of CoE we should try to get some formality by means of a working memorandum of understanding.

We need to discuss several points eg Observer status in Joint Committee, Support for Seminar/ year etc.

Operational problems of Enyc organization

We have serious problem not to have Administrative support. How to finance our own seminar and General assembly ?.

How to build up projects without administrative support?

What we do we play for in September meeting

  • Observer Status in Joint Council

  • Access to information of Coe.

  • Value and recognition of our centers.

  • Set up resources for short period .

  • Enyc – Eligibility to apply EYF – for different purposes

  • Memorandum of understanding

Seminar and General assembly

We(Slovenia) will apply for seminar with theme of Innovation and Creativity (European Union priorities 2009)

Seminar can be January/February. With the seminar we will organize General Assembly.

(If CoE will finance seminar as in previous years we can organize it in December 2008.)

General Assembly

Organizations who have paid their membership fee can vote. Any proposals for changing Statute have to be sent to Secretary. The board will discuss and prepare their view on each proposal.


There will be a number of elections. A “Job Description” of the roles of the President, vice president, and treasurer will be prepared and circulated to enable colleagues to decide if they wish to stand for election

We will invite nominations. There can be also self-nomination.

Proposals will need to be made one month before the General assembly,whenever it is eventually held.


Board has decided that ENYC will cover 3000 € / year for Secretary to cover costs of Administration starting from 2009.

Membership fee

Board will propose to GA to raise membership fee to 600€ / year/ organization.

Proposal GA

Change of statue to allow to have subsidiary members in different countries if these are sought.


There is need to have more information on Enyc website.

There should be links to different countries of interesting websites and member’s own websites.

Meeting in Budapest

The Enyc Board will have next meeting with CoE representatives in Budapest 12-14.09.2008. Our representatives will be drawn from Tom Wylie, Viv Mckee, Zorko Skvor, Jarmila Lipkova, Panos Poulos, Ritva Saarikettu, Nadia Marinova.


8 Conference of Ministers in Kiev, Ukraine

Enyc has invitation to take part in 8th conference of Youth Ministers in Kiev, Ukraine. The Board decided to send Ms Viv Mckee to represent Enyc in the meeting.

Places for Young people

Youth Agency in England is collecting information of “Places for young people” data. The purpose is to present large selection of Services young people have around Europe. This info could be also good to be on Enyc website. Board is asking all members to send information to Viv Mckee on behalf their organizations.

ENYC bid for EVS

The Bureau discussed the detail of the bid which we will be co-ordinated by Corinth Youth Centre, Greece. Partners are Slovakia (Reg. Youth Center Kosice), Greece (Youth Center of Corinthia), Lithuania (Austeja), Armenia (Pan Armenian Youth International Ctr – Areg Tadevosyan), Total amount of volunteers included in this project is 12. Each country will send and host volunteers. The Budget goes through Enyc account.

During the Evs projects volunteers can great videos of hosting projects, Set up internet meetings, Prepare youth exchanges etc..


Pre departure and On Arrival trainings will be hosted in Greece. They will be done together. Final Evaluation of the project will be done in Finland.

Training of EVS trainers will be done with extra application later.

Responsibilies of partners:

  • Find suitable candidates, Promote EVS placements

  • Presentation of the hosting projects


Total Budget of the Enyc goes for EVS is 81 500€

First round should be Pre financed by Enyc partners. During the second round first round will be covered. First round start 01.09.2008 and second round 1.3.2009

Evs in Practice

Slovakia, Erika Munkova send 1.9. participant to Greece and Finland

Finland, Ritva Saarikettu sends 1.9. Participant to Greece and Host participant from Slovakia

Slovakia; Jarka Lipkova, send 1.9. Participant to Greece.

Greece; Emmanuel Mappus; host 1.9. 2 volunteer from Slovakia and 1 from Finland.

Sending support is 450€ / volunteer

Hosting support is 450€/ volunteer


Reinforced mentorship 2 volunteers 250€ / month.

Second round:


1 meeting in Greece= On Arrival and Final

2 meeting in Finland= On Arrival and Final


6 Days training 6 volunteers = 4500€ + travel. On arrival training

Final training 1800€

6 volunteers for 2 days


1 arrival day

2-program day

3-program day

4-departure day

Kokkola. 23.09.2009

Tom Wylie Ritva Saarikettu

president secretary

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