Bureau meeting 19.06.2010 Rautavaara, Finland

Agenda of the Bureau meeting of the European Youth Centres Network
Youth Centre Metsaekartano, Rautavaara, Finland, 19.06.2010

Present: Viv McKee, Ritva Saarikettu, Panos Poulos, Erika Munkova, Nadia Marinova (on behalf of Ivan Modev)
Apologies: Juri Saarman & Michaela Tuzilova

1. Membership updates & new applicants

Three new applications for membership have been discussed in the Bureau.
I. CEZAM Youth Centre, Ruse – Slovenia: the organisation has sent more clarifications about their work, asked from the Bureau during its Ljubliana meeting at 13.2.2009. Juri Saarman, Bureau member, informed Ritva Saarikettu, ENYC’s secretary general, that there are no formal obstacles to accept them as a member, even if they don’t want to be member of the Slovenian MAMMA Network.
II. S & G – System and Generation Association, Ankara – Turkey: the association contacted ENYC through the Corinthian Youth Centre – Greece, as their president accompanied by some members visited Greece in the frame of a EU-Project called “Youth Caravan”.
III. Youth Centre for non-formal education CnC – Osijek- Croatia: the association’s responsible Danijela Lovric has met Ritva Saarikettu by a training that took place in Finland, during her job-shadowing in NA-Finland. She express big interest to become member by ENYC and submitted the membership’s application.

Due to the fact that a fluctuation of new members happened in the past, while new organisations, entered the Network, but haven’t been seriously involved and didn’t even payed membership’s fees, the Bureau decides to accept all 3 applicants, as Associate Members for a period of up to 1 year, according to the statute.
They should get involved in at least one activity of ENYC during the associate membership’s period. They will be invited to ENYC’s General Assembly 2010 in Finland as observers, covering their own expenses. A visit to their sites is planed from the Bureau. After that period, a full membership should be awarded to them on the payment of the annual fee. Before that happens, the new applicants cannot use ENYC’s logo.

The French applicant organisation Mission Locale from the Lille region will be contacted again to send ENYC’s questionnaire to the Secretariat.

2. Membership fees report

The Network has currently 14 full members. Only 11 of them have paid their annual membership fee for 2009.
Ayuntamiento de Murcia (Spain) & D.O.C. Torino (Italy) didn’t paid their fees. A reminder should be sent to them with an actual invoice for both years 2009 & 2010.

The Panarmenian International Youth Centre Foundation is inactive, because of a complete leadership’s change. They didn’t paid the annual fee for 2009 either. A deduction of ENYC’s EVS sending grant should secure the 2009 fee payment and a letter should be sent to them for further clarification of their membership in the future.

3. Financial report

The Treasurer Panos Poulos informed the Bureau about ENYC’s current financial situation (see attached profit – loss account).

4. Organisational issues

ENYC’s regional offices:
Due to the necessity for more flexibility of a growing international network as ENYC, the Bureau decides to establish operational offices at the periphery: the first 2 should be located in Corinth – Greece & in Kokkola – Finland, where ENYC’s current Treasurer & the Secretary General are residing.
The offices will act as ENYC’s legal subsidiaries.

To support the Network’s visibility the Bureau decides to increase the expenses for ENYC’s Portal to 1.000 EUR / year.

5. Bids to EU for financial support

The Bureau has planed and co-ordinated several bids for the Network, presented by itself or by ENYC-members during the second half of 2009 and 2010.

Network-led bids :
Deadline 1/9/09: EU-Youth in Action Programme – Centralized – EVS, presented by Corinth (GR) – not successful
Deadline 1/9/09: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – Youth Democracy project, presented by Kosice (SK) – not successful
Deadline 30/9/09: EU-Citizenship- Admin grant for International NGO’s – presented by Kokkola (FI) – not successful
Deadline 1/2/09: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – EVS, presented by Corinth (GR) – not successful
Deadline 1/6/09: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – EVS, presented by Corinth (GR) – approval pending
Deadline 1/9/09: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – Youth Democracy project, presented by Kosice (SK) – approval pending

Future projects
Deadline 1/9/10: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – EVS, will be presented by Corinth (GR)
Deadline 1/9/10: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized Action 4.3 (Partnership Building Seminar about EVS- Short Term projects – Inclusion), will be presented by Corinth (GR)
Deadline 1/9/10: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – Action 1 (Youth Exchange / Youth Initiative), will be presented by Kokkola (FI)
Deadline 1/2/11: EU-YiA Programme – Centralized – Action 4.3 (Training Seminar about Human Rights Education), will be presented in co-operation between Kosice (SK) & Corinth (GR)

CoE – European Youth Foundation
Oct. 2009 deadline: EYF-Cat. C – Administration Grant / 4.809 EUR – successful (coverage of Secretariat’s costs in Finland for 2010)
Oct. 2009 deadline: EYF-Cat. A – Seminar / ? EUR – successful (MomoYo seminar in Finland, Oct. 2010)

Members-led bids:
Deadline:1/9/09: EU-YiA Programme – Decentralized Action 4.3., (seminar in Finland in Oct. 2010) presented by Kokkola (FI) – successful
Deadline:1/2/11: EU-YiA Programme – Decentralized Action 4.3. (Training for trainers, targeting the creation of ENYC’s pool of trainers) will be presented by Bulgarian Youth NGO (BG)

6. Date of next General assembly

The Bureau decided that the annual General Assembly of the Network will be held at 23.10.2010, 14.00 h, in Kokkola Finland. The financing of the meeting is secured through the EYF-project MoMoYo and the EU-YiA project approved by the Finnish NA.

For the protocol.

Panos Poulos