Bureau meeting 13.-15.02.2009 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bureau meeting 13.-15.02.2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Agenda of the Board meeting of the European Youth Centres Network 
1    Opening of the Meeting
2    Agreement of agenda
3    New applicant organisations for membership (applications from Italy, Spain)
4     Treasurer’s report
5     Strategy Orientaton/ Discussion towards CoE and EU
6     Yearly Plan (Working Plan 2009)
7    Website and other communication issues
8    Preparations for the General assembly and elections
9    Other matters

Friday, 13.02.:
Arrival of participants to the Airport of Ljubljana – Transfer to Ljubljana, Youth Hostel CELICA
16,00 – 16,30: Opening of the Meeting, Information from the hosting organization and adoption of the Agenda
16,30 – 18,30: Office of Youth of RS: Information of the situation/position of the CoE’s Directorate of Youth and Sport by Mr. Zorko Škvor; exchange of views
– initial discussion
Optional cooperation with Europlatform Network by Mr. Milan Koritnik
19,00 – 20,00: Dinner at the Restaurant Pizzicato

Saturday, 14.02.:
08,00 – 10,00: Transfer to Ptuj and accommodation at Hostel Kurent;
10,30 – 11.30: Center of free time activities: Presentation of the CID Ptuj by Nevenka Gerl
11,30 – 12,00: Community of Ptuj: Visit to the traditional Ethno-exhibition
12,00 – 12,30: Welcome gathering with local authorities
12,30 – 14,00: Working lunch at the PP Gostinstvo – exchange of views with Mr. Peter Debeljak, Director of the Office of Youth
14,00 – 15,30: Second session:
Presentation of the actual situation of the Slovenian federation by Mr. Jurij Šarman.
Future developments of youth infrastructure in Slovenia, presented by Mr. Aleš Ojsteršek.
Overwiew of the membership, new candidatures, financial report – situation, planned program – projects in 2009
Future strategic orientation of the ENYC:
15,30 – 16,00: Coffee break
16,00 – 18,00: Preparation for the next ENYC Assembly
18,00 – 20,00: Dinner at the Restaurant Ribič

Sunday, 15.02.:
08,30 – 10,00: Hostel Kurent: Conclusions of the Meeting
10,00 – 12,00: Departure to Ljubljana/
12,00 – 13,00: Lunch at the Restaurant Pizzicato
13,00 – Transfers to the Airport




I thought it would be useful to let you have a brief note on the discussion and decisions of the Bureau meeting held in Slovenia from February 13-15 2009.

1.    European Voluntary Services (EVS)
We were pleased to learn of the success of our initial involvement in EVS.  This involvement is orchestrated by Greece and includes several ENYC members.  We confirmed the bid for another, larger programme in the next EU bidding round.

2.    ENYC Website

The Network’s website continues to improve but it will be even more comprehensive and useful if all members supply information about your work.  Please consider if you can add more about your work.

3.    “Places for Young People”

We discussed the possibility of consolidating our existing evidence about the different types of ‘Youth Centre’ provided by ENYC members.  This document could set out what we offer, how centres are managed etc, and would analyse which features contribute to success.  England will lead on this and a short briefing paper and a call for evidence will appear soon on the ENYC website: You are asked to respond to this enquiry when it appears so that we have the fullest possible range of examples to report.

4.    Membership
We considered two applications for membership of ENYC – one from Murcia, Spain and one from Turin, Italy.  We agreed to take both into membership – Murcia as a full member, Turin as an Associate member until some details are clarified.  This process reflects comments made previously by members.  We also considered the position of an existing member which is substantially in arrears with its subscription.  With regret, we agreed to suspend this member until the arrears are settled which, we were informed, will be later this year.
Our treasurer, Panos, will soon be issuing invoices for membership fees for 2009 and you are asked to settle these promptly, please.

5.    Relations with Council of Europe (COE)
The Bureau considered the discussions held over recent months with various parts of the COE system. This included an extensive meeting with an ad hoc group of representatives from COE in Budapest and other meetings and correspondence with individuals from COE Advisory Council, CDEJ and COE staff.  We have reminded COE of its own involvement in the creation of ENYC; of its role in drafting the ENYC constitution; of its failure to complete the signing of the agreed protocol on co-operation.  It appears that some in COE would prefer ENYC to have a much narrower membership and to act without any special relationship with COE.  They have not yet clarified whether the ENYC is eligible to apply to the European Youth Foundation.  I am sorry to have to tell you that we are meeting some rather closed minds and vested interests as well as the financial constraints on COE budgets.  Naturally, all this is very frustrating but be assured that we continue to press ENYC’s case with vigour.  The Bureau considered what longer-term strategy to adopt towards COE (and EU) and this will be further discussed with members at the General Assembly.

General Assembly
We postponed the General Assembly (GA) in the hope that the relationship with COE would be clearer.  We have decided not to wait any longer and hope to convene a GA before this summer.  In order to keep costs to members as low as possible we are hoping that this will now be hosted either by Slovenia or Bulgaria.  We will let you know as soon as we have dates and venue from colleagues there.

Meanwhile, member organisations are invited to consider whether you can nominate someone to serve as an office bearer in ENYC.  All the posts will be up for election and several existing office-holders are not eligible for re-election, having completed their terms.  The ENYC has been able to move forward on a small budget thanks to the voluntary commitment of colleagues who are willing to take on these tasks, so please consider if you can play a part in coming years.  Ritva will issue formal notices and election papers in due course.

Best wishes

Tom Wylie