Bureau meeting 10.03.2007 Bratislava, Slovakia


Time and place: 10.03.2007 at 09.00-16.00 Hotel Dom Sporto, Bratislava, Slovakia

Participants:       Tom Wylie – president
Panos Poulos
Viv Mckee
Nadia Marinova
Jarmila Lipkova
Zorko Skvor
Claude Bodeving
Ritva Saarikettu –  secretary

Missing:             Dragana Stojanovik
Areg Tadevyasan
Antonino Imbesi

1 Opening of the meeting
Mr Tom Wylie did open the meeting. We agreed about the programme of the meeting .

2 Membership report

We have now 14 members who have confirmed they membership by paying membership fee. We have open questions with Serbia and Hungary. We decided to send a note to Serbia that they should confirm their membership by paying membership fee until 12.4.2007. Mr Zorko Skvor will take a part in Council of Europe CDEJ meeting and meet Hungarian representatives. He will find out who would be possible partner from Hungary. At the moment we have on our bank account  5 942,64 Euro.
We have to still pay following amounts of the costs from 2006

Strasbourg Court of Justice                88 Euro
Cost of Website for Nadia Marinova         480 Euro
Travel costs of Panos Poulos and Nadia Marinova
For Bureau meeting in London
We confirmed these payments.

Membership fee 2007.

Members will get receipt and they should pay it until 01.07.2007.

Website 2007

We have agreed to cover website costs to Bulgaria 600 Euro for year 2007.

3 Report of General Assembly

We had discussion that there should be clear idea what is seminar and what is GA. Seminar should be departed from GA. Bureau will prepare seminar and GA in it’s meeting.

We have to have clear report to CDEJ. Unfortunately our internal rapport has been delivered to members of CDEJ. We will prepare short summarized document to CDEJ and ask Mr A-J Dodin to deliver it before next meeting. It is very important that we have one person who will be contact person of our organization in outside relationship. This should be president or secretary. All information should go through them.

4 Seminar and GA 2007

We have booked seminar dates 9-12.12.2007 in European Youth Centre Budapest. We will have bureau meeting, seminar and GA 10.-12.12.2007 travel dates are 09.12 and 12.12.
Seminar costs should be covered by Coe. To prepare the seminar we will have bureau meeting in Luxembourg 21.09. 2007

5 Work programme 2007-2008


Network led activities

Seminar in 9-12.December in Budapest  
General Assembly in Budapest
Bureau meeting in Luxembourg 21.09.2007
Website project
European EVS project Greece
Bid Youth programme 4.1 Rehears and seminar of Economics of Youth work ( GB/FIN)

National proposals for Network activities

Study visit Armenia, 8-11.6.2007( applied 1.2.2007 no decision yet)
Study visit Luxembourg, 20-26.09.2007
Youth exchange Greece July 2007 ( applied 1.2.2007 no decision yet)
Contact making seminar in Greece June 2007.( applied 1.2.2007 no decision yet)
Youth exchange in Slovakia time open
Leonardo Da Vinci programme for youth workers and tourism training in Greece, Bulgaria and Finland.

6 Website

Design work has been done. We have to decide who has access to website.

Administrator has possibility to change things in whole page and s/he have control of the site. Publisher can change and add information. Editor can edit materials of his own organization.

Administrator will be Nadia Marinova, Viv Mckee, NYA GB will take responsibility to be publisher. Materials for website will be sent to Viv.
Each organization is responsible of his own information. They should inform Nadia who will be editor of the member organization.

7 Presidency of ENYC

Tom Wylie has promised to continue to be president until next election of Bureau 2008.
Tom Wylie will retire in July 2007. This is why we agreed that Viv Mckee as Consultative member in ENYC board meetings.

8 Organizational information:

We have Bank account in Strasbourg and contact address of the bank is address of treasure, at the moment it is Panos Poulos in Greece.
We still have legal address in Strasbourg, France. The contact address of the organization will be secretariat.

9 Draft agreement with COE

Unfortunately we still do not have any procedure done with agreement. Mr President will do proposals for the contract agenda.

10 New partners:

We discussed about new partners. There is clear instruction in our Statues how to became to be member of ENYC network. There has been an interest from France, Estonia and Belgium. We will send them information and ask them to send application to the Board.

11 Seminar in Budapest

Claude Bodeving has promised to take care of content of seminar. We agreed that secretariat send a mail to members to ask they wishes for the theme of seminar.
Year 2008 is EU year of intercultural dialogue. The proposal of the Board is to have seminar with theme Non formal education in context of intercultural dialogue.

12 Outline 2008

We will have some common programmes:

  • Centralized EVS application to offer placements in our countries
  • Common Leonardo Da Vinci programme to offer working practice placements.
  • Study Visit in Greece in May 2008
  • Study Visit Bulgaria
  • Youth exchange Bulgaria
  • Seminar of the Economic aspect of the youth work
  • Youth exchange programmes Slovakia,
  • Training course Slovakia
  • Training course Finland
  • Seminar in Strasbourg, GA, and 3 board meetings
  • Application for EYF – youth research, publication, seminar, website

Kokkola Finland  14.03.2007

Ritva Saarikettu