Bureau meeting 10.09.-11.09.2011 Burgas, Bulgaria

Minutes of the Bureau meeting,
of the European Youth Centres Network
Burgas, Bulgaria, September 2011

PLACE: Hotel Kalina, Burgas, Bulgaria
DATE: 10.09.2011 from 11.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00; 11.09.2011 from 10.00-13.00

PRESENT: Viv McKee (UK), Erika Munkova (SK), Ritva Saarikettu (FIN), Nadia Marinova (BG), Panos Poulos (GR), Uroš Skrinar on behalf of Jurij Sarman (SI)

Opening of the Bureau meeting
The President of ENYC, Viv McKee, opened the Bureau meeting and welcomed everyone present.
Uroš Skrinar apologised on behalf of Jurij Šarman, that due to the work responsibilities for his youth centre, he could not attend the meeting, as explained in his previous e-mail to ENYC Bureau members.
Viv McKee, ENYC president, clarified issues around voting eligibility and established that quorum was reached, because 6 members (or their substitute representatives) of the ENYC Bureau with voting rights were present.

Ad.1: Adoption of the Agenda
The President presented the agenda of the meeting as previously circulated by the General Secretary before the meeting.
No suggestions for changes to Agenda were presented.
The agenda of ENYC Bureau meeting in Burgas was adopted.

Ad. 2: Minutes from ENYC Bureau meeting in Kosice, Slovakia.
Minutes from ENYC Bureau meeting in Kosice, Slovakia, were sent to ENYC Bureau members by General Secretary. Viv McKee asked if there was anything that needed to be clerified: No questions were raised, so she proposed adoption of Minutes from ENYC Bureau meeting in Kosice, Slovakia, 19.02.2011.
The minutes from ENYC Bureau meeting on 19.02.2011 in Kosice, Slovakia, were accepted.

Ad. 3: Membership of the Network
The President requested that the Treasurer, Panos Poulos present a report on Membership status.
Panos Poulos explained that ENYC has 12 full members and 2 associate members. 10 members have already paid membership fee for 2011, which shows that ENYC membership is stable and that member organisation are attending activies. More about membership fee at Ad. 4 report of the Treasurer.

List of members (12) and associate members (2) is:



Armenian young women’s association
Network of Youth Centres “Major”
Czech Republic
National Institute of Children and Youth of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
Finnish Youth Centres organisation
Youth Centre Corinthia
Training Centre Eisenborn 
Centrum volneho casu Junior / RegionalYouth Center in Banska Bystrica
CVČ – Regionálne centrum mládeže / Regional youth centre

Youth Network MaMa (ENYC section)

S&G – System and Generation Association

Youth Centre for Non formal education-Creators, not consumers
Youth Centre creACTive – Kavadarci

It was also clarified that the invoice for membership fee for 2011 was not given to United Kingdom, because there is no organisation that would be member of ENYC. Due to that, United Kingdom will not be member of ENYC in 2011.

The President opened discusion about system for membership. The Treasurer explaine that system established by the Bureau is working; documents for membership request are on website of ENYC where they can be dowloaded. He also reminded colleagues that the ENYC Bureau should seek and find opportunities to visit the places of organisations applying to become members of ENYC, before voting on theirmembership.
The President also opened discussion about the participation of organisation in activities of ENYC and not becoming ENYC members.The Bureau held a discusion and agreed that:
Each organisation can participate in up to one activity organised by ENYC, but after that, the organisation should become member of ENYC and pay the membership fee, before cooperating in new activities and projects of ENYC.

Ad. 4: Report of the Treasurer
The report of Treasurer for the period of half year 2011 was presented to ENYC Bureau members. The Report is in Appendix 1. The Treasurer explained that ENYC is in good financial condition. 10 members have already paid membership fee for 2011 as evident in the financial report, while CEZAM Ruše from Slovenia and Youth Centre Corinthia from Greece have delayed due to unexpected circumstances.
The actual financial situation of the ENYC is 8.837,14 EUR€ at the bank account.

Panos Poulos explained the situation in Corinth, Greece and why they did not pay membership fee yet. It is possible that they will need to change to NGO, but they will pay membership fee until October 2011.
At that point he also presented to Bureau members the (political) importance of ENYC for Greece. After discussion, ENYC board aknowledged the value of membership of Greece in ENYC and that it is important that they stay member organisation also in the future.

ENYC Bureau accepted that President writes letter about importance of Greece involved and participating actively in ENYC, supporting their active participation also in the future and sends this letter to Youth Centre Corinthia for their use in the future.
At the same time Burea accepted the balance report of the Treasurer and gave thanks to Treasurer for his work. The Bureau also acknowledged very good membership fee payment discipline and understands this as an important sign of members’ dedication to ENYC.
The Bureau also, because of difficult financial situation of organisations in ENYC that are also represented in ENYC Bureau, accepts that 30% of travel costs for meeting of ENYC Burea in Burgas, Bulgaria is paid by ENYC.

Ad. 5: CoE Quality label
The President presented a report from meeting with CoE on the CoE quality labels for youth centres. Reports were sent to Bureau members before meeeting. The criteria will be very high, but CoE will proceed wtih implementation of the quality label.

Ritva Saarikettu suggested that we all check and see which YC can apply for quality label and that through this approach ENYC will be included in debates and descission making proces in CoE. At the same time she also suggested, that we develop inside of ENYC quality standards for youth centres.

Nadia Marinova suggested, that ENYC sends to CoE a yearly report about what are we doing, to present them ENYC, because people working in CoE changed.
Viv McKee agreed that we need to get to different people working in CoE, to present ENYC to them… send them papers and information about ENYC, that is important for people in CoE to understand ENYC.

After that ENYC Board agreed that
ENYC (Viv McKee) writes letter to CoE thanking them for the report about meeting on Quality Label
Statement of ENYC is that Quality Label is OK, and that ENYC will cooperate but at the same time ENYC acknowledges also different way of working and doing and that is why Viv McKee will write statement about non-formal learning, youth work and young people voice that is nurtured in the ENYC network. For that she will also need examples of good practice from ENYC members. The General Secretary will send to member organisation an invitation to write about their examples of good practice.
The statement will be sent to different people in CoE and also put on web page of ENYC and members organisations.

Ad. 6: ENYC Strategic Plan
Viv McKee explained that ENYC strategic plan 2010 – 2013 was circulated among members, but no responses were received. Board decided it will work on strategic plan and prepare it to the phase to be decided about at the ENYC GA in 2012. The Bureau worked and made changes to the ENYC strategic plan that was sent to Board members before meeting.

ENYC Bureau accepted the document ENYC STRATEGIC PLAN 2011 to 2014 (Bureau meeting, Burgas (BG), 10/11.9.2011). The document is in Appendix 2

Ad. 7: Elections
Viv McKee opened discussion »What would be a good Bureau next time?« and underlined that responsibility of current Bureau is to prepare the field for new Bureau and with that provide continuity of the work.

The Bureau will start preparation for elections that will be held in GA in January/February 2012 in Greece.

The GA 2012 will be in Corinth, Greece. Youth centre Corinth will apply for seminar to YiA Programme on 1.11.2011 deadline. If project is approved and financed by YiA Programme (also GA will be financed), GA will be held at the begining of February 2012 (because of deadline rules in YiA programme). If project will not be approved the GA will be paid by ENYC and it will be held at end of January 2012

Panos and Ritva will send papers for elections to Viv McKee so that she can prepare invitation, activities and open call for elections.

For the next GA the Bureau will prepare a proposal for GA to change the legal seat of ENYC in France. The proposal must have information: why and what the costs will be. At the same time it is also possible to change other things in Statute.
The General Secretary will inform members about possibilitiy to change the Statute. Members should send their proposals for changes to Statute to Bureau until the end of November 2011. According to that Bureau will prepare suggestions and proposasl and send it to Members’ Organisations until GA.

The Bureau will suggest at GA that current Secretary General and current Treasures become honorary members of ENYC. With that and according to Statute of ENYC, the connection of Honorary Members of ENYC with Burea of ENYC will be established which will give opportunity for continuity of work.

General Secretary will send mail to Bureau members (Erika, Ivan, Jurij, Mihaela) to ask if anyone is interested to be a president and at the same time ask them if they want to continue the work in Burea in next mandate, because they are holding their first mandate.

The Bureau will at the same time open recruitment for positions of Treasurer and position of Secretary General. The Bureau requires that new Treasurer uses the help of exTreasurer for 18 months and new Secretary General use help of exGeneral Secretary for 18 months.


Ad. 8: Pool of Trainers and pool of Experts
Plans made by participants to seminar for pool of trainers will be put to Strategic and operation plan of ENYC.

Panos explains that ENYC would need experts that would write application for ENYC. That ENYC needs to set up pool of experts like it is setting up pool of trainers. Experts could meet with Bureau and agreed on what they want to do, experts could reflect, give suggestions, write projects and get funds for a longer period of time.

The Bureau decided that ENYC is looking for development of capacity in the fundrasing sytem in ENYC. This will be reached through the development of pool of experts of ENYC. The resposibility of establishing a pool of experts is on Bureau members. The Secretary General will write to Bureau members to suggest Experts to meet with Bureau on next GA.

Ad. 9: Operation plan 2012
Detailed operation plan for 2012 has been prepared and accepted by ENYC board:


Agreement for support for new postholders to be put into requirements for election
Ritva, Panos
December 2011
Collection of statistics
(to collect data, to know what ENYC is and to get data to represent ENYC)
Ritva, Panos
December 2011
Bid writing process has been agreed, is working and available to ENYC members on website


Papers about training, quality, youth work and voice of young people will be published on ENYC website
Emanuel and all members
December 2011
Skype meetings will be used as back up communication

Delegation has been agreed by the Burea

5% charge agreed by Bureat
All members
Mobility office will prepare invitation to members to send dates when they will prepare reports about their work for the webpage.
After that will send reminders according to deadline when members need to send reports.
All members
Write to all members to seek proposals fro 2012 work plan
Draf proposals
Prepare annuall calendar with bidding deadlines


All members

Begining November

Begining December
Members should try to answer emails within two weeks
All members

Quality linkt to CoE
All members
Bureau decision to be agreed by GA in 2012
All members
GA 2012
Bureau member to identify possible expertise in European activity for future discussions

GA 2012

Ad. 10: Other matters

Report of Mobility office
An activity report of the Mobility office was presented and accepted by Board. The activity report is in Appendix 3.

Report of the Secretary General
The Secretary General suggested that next time also she prepares report of work of Secretary General, that will be presented to ENYC members on next GA.

Report for 4.1 action
Report and activity plan for 4.1 action was presented and accepted by Board. Report is in Appendix 4 (Remark by U.S.: I do not have it).

GA ENYC 2013
The Bureau decided that the ENYC GA in 2013 will be in Slovenia, hosted by Youth Network MaMa.

New deadlines and applications
4.1 action; deadline in November 2011
Bureau gives support for application to 4.1.

EVS reapply in February 2012
ENYC did not apply for EVS on September deadline because there was expert failure (EI for Armenia). We will apply again in February 2012. At the same time also other organisation will be invited to join the application by the Secretary General via e-mail.

Apply for training seminar for POOL OF TRAINERS (maybe again in Bulgaria, because of support of NA)

Villa Elba, Finland wants to apply Citizenship project; Ritva will send proposal

EYF category B: deadline November 2011
Burea gives support for application

ENYC Calendar
The General Secretary proposed and Burea accepted that an ENYC calendar for all members is established on ENYC web page by General Secretary.

Bureau meeting finished on 11.9.2011 at 13.00 hours.

Written by
Uroš Skrinar

Viv McKee