Board Skype conference 14.05.2012

Minutes of the Board meeting of the European Youth Centres Network  

Place and Date: 14.05.2012 at 4-5 GMT Skype meeting

Present: Viv McKee (UK) Erika Munkova (SK), Panos Poulos (GR), Ritva Saarikettu (FIN).

Opening of the Board meeting and adoption of the Agenda

Viv McKee opened the Board  meeting.  The meeting clarified issues around voting eligibility.
4 members of the Network were eligible to vote.  This was a quorum.  The Agenda was adopted.

Membership update of the Network

We had 3 new applicants: Northside We?re OK Youth Initiative, Ireland, Commune d’Issoire, France and AVENTURA MARÃO CLUBE, Portugal. The Bureau welcomed Portugal and France as associate members; the proper process will now be completed. Northside We`re OK Youth Initiative do not full fill the membership criteria. We will ask them to find another partners in Ireland who would full fill membership criteria and join with them.

In 2012  ENYC has 11 full members and  4 associated members.

Croatian organization will do Jobshadow program to Finland and Ritva will discuss with them about membership of Enyc. Macedonian organization has not been in any contact after General Assambly 2012 in Greece. They have send information to General Assembly that they will discuss about membership in their own GA and let us know after their meeting. Ritva will contact them.
Ritva will also contact ppossible members who expressed interest at the recent COE Quality event.

Change of Contact organization in Greece
Mr Alexis Zafeiris from the Corinthian Youth Centres Network had contacted the president of ENYC requesting a change of representative due to local circumstances.  It was proposed by Mr Alexis Zafeiris That Panos Poulos remain the delegated person but that the organisation which will represent the Corinthian Youth centres Network will now by Filoxenia.
FILOXENIA is the oldest and most experienced organisation at the level of European youth work in the region. It runs a Youth Centre in Kryoneri Korinthias, with direct access to  residential facilities, as well as a Youth Information Office in the town of Kiato.
The Youth Centre of Corinthia will keep operating, under the responsibility of the Corinthian Youth County Council, remaining open for ENYC activities in the future.

This was accepted. We will ask Youth Support Organization Filoxenia to send their confirmation letter.

Board Meetings 2012

We have got an invitation from Bulgaria, Nadia Marinova, to have Board meeting in Bulgaria in autumn 2012 together with YIA seminar. We agreed that Bureau will need minimum 2 meeting days. This was accepted. Ritva will discuss with Nadia about time schedule.
We had a plan to meet in Prague this spring but this was not possible because of time management. We will discuss with Michaela to set out dates to meet there spring 2013.

Bureau will have one more skype meeting in end of August. Ritva will send out proposals of time.
Operational plan 2012

Operational plan was already agreed on last GA in Kryoneri. Change of Statutes in France is in process. All matters of official papers will be done until mid June 2012 and Layer of Issoire of France  will  process them until end of July.
We agreed that Ritva will discuss with Uros about collecting statistics of Enyc when he will do his EVS project in Finland. This is really important issue.

Bureau Elections
Preparations for coming Bureau Elections will be sorted in the Autumn Bureau meeting. We will clarify the roles in the Bureau and write out descriptions of the tasks of President, Secretary, Treasure rand member in the Bureau meeting in Bulgaria.

Viv Mckee                                          Ritva Saarikettu
President                                             Secretary