Board Skype conference 08.07.2014

Minutes of the Board of Directors
Of the European Youth Centres Network
SKYPE conference, 08.07.2014

DATE: 08.07.2014 14:00 CET

PRESENT Board members: Heli Lehto (FIN), Nadya Marinova (BG),
Erika Munkova (SK), Panos Poulos (GR),

1. Opening
2. Tasks from last Board meeting (7th April)
3. Membership (Czech Republic, Slovenia, other)
4. Submitted and Approved projects since 7th April
5. Seminar in Finland – Power for future (possibility for Board meeting)
6. Seminar in Bulgaria
7. Preparation of GA
8. Other business and discussion

Ad. 1: Opening of the meeting of Board of Directors of ENYC
The President of ENYC, Mrs. Heli Lehto, opened the meeting of Board of Directors and welcomed everyone present.
Ad.2: Tasks from last Board meeting (7th April)

To organise in other the skype meeting for working group 1 (Policy, strategic partnership, entrepreneurship, Erasmus+) –The task continues , to organise the skype meeting for working group 1 till the end of August – Resp: Secretary general
To contact the former president of ENYC Ms Viv Mckee regarding contacts and connection with CoE – Mrs.Erika Munkova contacted by email Mrs Viv McKee regarding connections with Coe , the answer was sent to the members of Board
Working group 4 (Evaluation how to measure quality and quantity) to send a call to members who has interests to work on this topic with Ms Jarka Lipkova – Mrs Erika Munkova will repeat the call to members once again
Working group 3 /Development of administration, web..) – work on website to make more functioning and actual – the task to be continued
To prepare partnership building seminar “Power for the future” – Resp: Villa Elba, Finland – task filled, Villa Elba applied for the seminar to 30th April and the seminar is approved , dates 28.8-31.8.2014 Villa Elba

Ad.3: Membership (Czech Republic, Slovenia, other)

The Secretary General sent email twice to Mr Zorko Skvor and to Mr Jurij Sarman in order to ask/clarify the recent situation about possible membership of Slovenian organisation in ENYC. Till the Board meeting ENYC did not receive any answer
Czech Republic will continue the membership in ENYC since this year. After changes in organisational structure of Ministry and their directly controlled organisations the member of ENYC will be the National institute for further education (Národní institute pro další vzdělávání – NIDV) and the contact person is Mrs. Gabriela Kynclova

Ad. 4: Submitted and approved projects since 7th April

TC Found it –Run it – Lead it was carried out 24.4.-30.4.2014 in High Tatras in Slovakia by Regional youth centre Kosice with the participation of 6 ENYC member organisation
Villa Elba, applied for a partnership building seminar Power for the future that will held at Kokkola, Villa Elba , 28.8-31.8.2014
Junior Banska Bystrica, SK was ready to apply for the support of Erasmus+ for TC about Entrepreneurship and creativity to 30.4.2014. Because of the fact that they get just 2 positive answer from ENYC members , they took a decision to postpone the application to next deadline
System & Generation, Turkey applied for the support of Erasmus+ for TC Non Formal Education as Important on Erasmus + to 30.4.2014, and EVS sending and hosting
The project 4.1 applied by Mobility office Greece is approved

Ad. 5: Seminar in Finland – Power for the future (possibility for Board meeting)

The secretary General proposed in case of presence of majority of the Board on the seminar in Finland in August to have a Board meeting during the stay in Villa Elba

Ad. 6: Seminar in Bulgaria

Mrs. Nadya Marinova informed the Board that the Bulgarian partners still wait for the results of approval commission and that she will inform the Board about results and proposed dates of seminar

Ad. 7: Preparation of GA

The Secretary General will check the dates of General Assembly of ENYC 2015 that will take place in Yerevan with Mrs. Lilit Asatryan

Ad. 8: Other business and discussion

The Secretary General informed the Board about the emails coming to Board regarding possible partnership from Romania and about Netherland
Mr. Panos Poulos, the treasurer of ENYC informed the board that he is going to send the invoices for 2014 to members
Mrs.Erika Munkova will send to mobility office list of the notes and necessary things to change or update in ENYC website

The meeting of Board of directors was ended at 15:30 CET

Written by:
Erika Munkova
Secretary General

President of ENYC
Heli Lehto