Board Skype conference 07.04.2014

Minutes of the Board of Directors

of the European Youth Centres Network

SKYPE conference, 07.04.2014

DATE: 7.4.2014 14:00 CET

PRESENT Board members: Heli Lehto (FIN), Jarmila Lipkova (SK), Nadya Marinova (BG),

Erika Munkova (SK), Panos Poulos (GR), Gurkan Akcaer (TR)

Ad. 1: Opening of the meeting of Board of Directors of ENYC

The President of ENYC, Mrs. Heli Lehto, opened the meeting of Board of Directors and welcomed everyone present.

Ad.2: ENYC activities for nearest period

  • Villa Elba, Fi is going to apply for the support of Erasmus+ for seminar about Global education to 30.4.2014, Foreseen dates of TC 19.11-23.11.2014

  • Junior Banska Bystrica, SK is going to apply for the support of Erasmus+ for TC about Entrepreneurship and creativity to 30.4.2014. Foreseen dates of TC 9.9-14.9.2014

  • System & Generation, Turkey is going to apply for the support of Erasmus+ for TC Non Formal Education as Important on Erasmus + to 30.4.2014, Foreseen dates of TC 28.8. – 1.9.2014 and EVS sending and hosting

  • Filoxenia Greece propose to present a Pilot project for CoE Youth foundation E-Living Library to June 2014

  • Job shadowing in Germany

Ad.3: Strategic plan – next steps

  • Working group 2 (Expansion of number of the members) -To prepare partnership building seminar “Power for the future” 28.8-1.9.2014 in Youth Centre Villa Elba, Kokkola, Finland– Resp: Villa Elba, Finland

  • To organise in other the skype meeting for working group 1 (Policy, strategic partnership, entrepreneurship, Erasmus+) – Resp: Secretary general

  • To contact the former president of ENYC Ms Viv Mckee regarding contacts and connection with CoE – Resp: Secretary general

  • Working group 3 /Development of administration, web..) – work on website to make more functioning and actual , to finish the Final report of action 4.1

  • Working group 4 (Evaluation how to measure quality and quantity) to send a call to members who has interest to work on this topic with Ms Jarka Lipkova – Resp: Secretary general

Ad. 4: Erasmus + possibilities for ENYC, Other financial sources – grants

  • To use the possibilities of former Grundtvig programme for the mobility of technical staff of youth organisations

  • To use the possibilities of former Leonardo programme for projects focused on entrepreneurship

  • To take the advantages of possible national grants/ founds for the development of youth work in member countries

  • European youth foundation of CoE

Ad. 5: Specific issues of Erasmus +

To pay a close attention to rules of Erasmus+ to avoid the dual financial support in case of EVS volunteers

Ad. 6: Seminar in Bulgaria

Agreed about the dates of ENYC seminar in Bugaria taking into consideration the other projects planned for the same period (beginning of September)

Ad. 7: Membership Chech republic and Slovenia

  • To communicate with former member from Czech republic to update their membership, to send the application form – Resp: Secretary general
  • To communicate with honorary member – Mr. Zorko Skvor about possible member from Slovenia – Resp: Secretary general

Ad. 8: Other business and discussion

  • Next Board meeting is planned after 15th of June

The meeting of Board of directors was ended at 15:35 CET

Written by:

Erika Munkova

Secretary General

President of ENYC

Heli Lehto