Board meeting 27.-28.11.2016 Vamos-Crete, Greece

Minutes of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the European Youth Centres Network
Vamos, Crete, 27-28.November.2016

DATE: 27-28.11.2016 11:00 CET

PRESENT Board members: Heli Lehto (FIN), Panos Poulos (GR), Gurkan Akcaer (TR), Nadia Marinova (BG)

Ad. 1: Opening of the meeting of Board of Directors of ENYC
The President of ENYC, Mrs. Heli Lehto, opened the meeting of Board of Directors and welcomed everyone present.
Ad.2: Proposal for the discussed issues
The agenda of the meeting has been revised and proposed the following program to discuss:

1. Application forms from Bulgaria, Albania, Ireland
– Nadia Marinova expressed her thoughts about the new application form coming from Varna – European Youth Capital and positively towards representative of the applicant whilst Heli Lehto expressed the same. Panos Poulos & Gurkan Akçaer stated the level of contribution of getting member to be taken into consideration. Proposed at least to be invited for next GA to see how shall it works. Varna Youth Capital Association
– Act for Society from Albania is also agreed upon being invited for next GA.
– St. Andrews Association from Ireland is also agreed upon being invited for next GA.
– Ruckenwind Network from Austria expressed their willingness to become member in ENYC, Heli Lehto talked with, Leo will send their application and this can be discussed in BoD in Prague.

2. GA2017 – Dates and Venue
The Board members discussed about the possible date and place for GA taking into consideration the financial budget of ENYC,
Dates 16th to 18th of January. GA is on 17th of January 2017 is going to be held in the place which is available on those dates.

3. GA 2017 – Program of GA

Welcome to New Applicants
Board Meeting

10:30 Opening
Standard Agenda is going to be followed

The followings shall be added:
Election of 1 Board Member to replace Katarina
Workshop on Strategic Plan
– Marketing ENYC
– EYF Eligibility – Preparing a letter as respond to the one we received.
Asking reports from the 4 groups of former GA. Successes and Challenges. Reminder to be sent to all working groups by Erika Munkova before the meeting in Prague Gurkan and Nadia will be via Skype attending.

– Evaluation how to measure both quantity and quality
– Development of administration, web
(Webpage must be checked and recommendations shall be sent until 8th of December by each Board Member)
– Expansion of number of the members
– Policy, strategic partnership, entrepreneurship, Erasmus+

4. Operational Grant

– More involvement in the actions required by each member of the network in regard the current operational grant.
– Website has some technical problems by hackers and now shall be adjusted within two weeks. There will be a big presentation of new website.
– New updated form about the each member of ENYC is kindly requested to be sent to Hana Sebestova for updating new webpage. This should be requested by each member in December before GA.
– Operational Grant 2017 is still in preparation to be submitted before deadline.

5. KA3 in Turkey
It is going to be held in March or April 2017. Tina Mulcahy from CoE shall be invited. BoD meeting can also be held during this event. Venue and dates shall be informed by Gürkan Akçaer

6. KA3 Romania
Details about KA3 Romania/Timisoara shall be discussed in next BoD Meeting in Prague.

7. ENYC Strategic Plan
GOVERNANCE-MEMBERSHIP-POLICY for 2017-2018 shall be finalised in Prague Meeting.

Theme of 2017 can be social inclusion especially focused on refugees and migrants together with preventing radicalisation with no hate.

8. Marketing Materials about ENYC

This issue has been discussed. It is going to be taken up again with all members during GA and combined with Strategic Plan of ENYC.

9. Resign of Katarina (Mitja from Slovenia, Anastazja from Germany)
Upon Resign of Katarina due to her personal reasons, the new one according their application shall
be elected during the next GA which in going to be held in January 2017.

Ad. 3: Other business and discussion

– Nadja Marinova suggested raising secretariat’s allowance for 2017 as 2000 Eur per year.
– Proposal to be discussed in the GA, Board Meeting can be held in one of non-board member hosting.
– Members can be invited to Board Meeting.
– Panos is going prepare a letter for Solidarity Corps.

The meeting of Board of Directors was ended at 20:00 CET

Written by:
Board Member

President of ENYC
Heli Lehto