Board meeting 18.09.2013 Primorsko, Bulgaria

Minutes of the Board of Directors
of the European Youth Centres Network
Primorsko, Bulgaria, 18.09.2013

PLACE: Hotel Sunrise, Primorsko, Bulgaria
DATE: 18.09.2013, 12:20 CET

PRESENT Board members: Heli Lehto (FIN), Jarmila Lipkova (SK), Nadya Marinova (BG),
Erika Munkova (SK), Panos Poulos (GR),
ENYC Mobility Operational Ofice: Hana Sebestova (GR)

Ad. 1: Opening of the meeting of Board of Directors of ENYC
The President of ENYC, Mrs. Heli Lehto, opened the 3rd meeting of Board of Directors 2013 in Primorsko, Bulgaria and welcomed everyone present.
Ad.2: Membership fee
Mr. Panos Poulos informed the Board about Membership fees.
Ad.3: Decision about GA 2014
The board of directors decided about dates and place of Generall Assembly 2014. The GA of ENYC will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in January 25th, 2014. The Secretary General will inform Mr. Gurkan Akcaer

Proposed Agenda for GA 2014:
-Financial Report
-Membership Report
-Activity report 2013
-Activity Plan 2014
-Why ENYC – membership strategy
-Other issues

The Agenda of GA and the Invitation to GA 2014 for ENYC to full and associate members will sent out latest till 15th December 2013

Ad. 4: Timetable of Board meetings
The president of ENYC Mrs. Heli Lehto proposed a Skype meeting of Board 10th of January 2014, 14:00 CET
Ad. 5: Activity report 2013 and Activity plan 2014
The Activity report 2013 will prepared by Mrs. Erika Munkova till 15th of December 2013.
The Activity plan will prepared by Mrs. Erika Munkova based on the proposals of Board till 15th of December 2013

Ad. 6: Report of 4.1 action

Mr. Panos Poulos and Mrs.Hana Sebestova informed the Board about centralized action 4.1 approved for ENYC and about the following activities in the frame of this project:
1. Youth web radio
2. Seminar on creativity
3. Follow up of seminar – Creativity clubs
4. Youth skills come – Info Platform
5. Street work – Flashmob
6. E-living library
7. Youth exchanges
8. EVS
9. Youth citizen month

Ad. 7: Activities and projects proposed by members
1. Mrs. Nadya Marinova announced that the Bulgarian partners will ask the Ministry and National agency to prepare two seminars for ENYC members per year. In case of agreement of Ministry the seminars will be supported by Bulgarian Ministry/ National Agency, held in Bulgaria in May/June and September 2014
2. Mr. Gurkan Akcaer proposed a YE for March 2014, decentralized project, to be applied to 1st October deadline
3. Mrs. Nadya Marinova proposed a short term EVS and long term EVS project ( environment, sport, youth information, decentralized project, to be applied to 1st October deadline
4. Mrs. Erika Munkova proposed a TC to be held in Slovakia April/May 2014, Youth centres management, NGO management, creating of youth centres, quality of youth centres activities content, decentralized project, to be applied to 1st Oktober deadline
5. Mrs. Heli Lehto proposed a seminar on Global Education, to be held Finland, January 2014 , decentralized project, to be applied to 1st Oktober deadline
6. Mrs Erika Munkova proposed an activity “ENYC bear travelling through ENYC organizations” . The aim is collect a photography with and “ENYC bear” in the facilities of members and during their activities with youngsters. The photos will presented on Exhibition

Ad. 8: Strategic ENYC Plan – Why ENYC, ENYC Themes
1. Mrs. Heli Lehto proposed to put to Activity plan 2014 the »Strategic ENYC plan – Why ENYC? !«
and to put to Agenda of working seminar in Bulgaria next year with the topic Attractive ENYC

2. Mrs Heli Lehto proposed to focused on certain “Theme” each year. For 2014 she proposed the theme Global education. The theme Global education 2014 was adopted by the Board

Ad. 9: Other matters

1. Mrs. Nadya Marinova proposed to include to ENYC strategy to find financial resources through further EU programmes ( Grundtvig, Leonardo) , that means from several actions of new prepared programme Erasmus +
2. Mrs. Erika Munkova will invite new organisations from Poland to apply for ENYC membership and take part on GA 2014
3. To clarify the situation of Slovenian partners till GA. To try to fix the membership of our Slovenian member in network as a strategical strong and reliable partner
4. To fix the date of following ENYC Seminar in Greece – Oktober – November 2013 and send the information for members till 1st Oktober by Mr. Panos Poulos
5. The Board members expressed the gratitude to Bulgarian partner Mr. Ivan Modev and Mrs. Nadya Marinova for creating a great possibility and good ambitions for work of Network through various seminars since 2011.

The meeting of Board of directors was ended at 13:37 CET

Written by
Erika Munkova

President of ENYC
Heli Lehto