Board meeting 10.12.2016 Prague, Czech republic

Minutes of the Board of Directors of the European Youth Centres Network
NIDV – Prague, Czech republic, 10.12.2016

DATE: 10.12.2016 10:00 CET

PRESENT Board members:
Heli Lehto (FIN), Erika Munkova (SK), Panos Poulos (GR), Gabriela Kynclova (CZ),
Hana Sebestova (GR) – Mobility office

Ad. 1: Opening of the meeting of Board of Directors of ENYC
The President of ENYC, Mrs. Heli Lehto, opened the meeting of Board of Directors and welcomed everyone present.
Ad.2: Agenda of the meeting
The president Mrs Heli Lehto proposed the following program to discuss:
1. Minutes from Chania
2. Membership applications
3. GA 2017
4. Mobility office – web
5. Operating grant

Ad.3: Minutes from Chania Board meeting

The secretary Mrs. Erika Munkova checked the tasks from Board meeting in Chania:

1. To ask reports from the 4 groups of former GA. Successes and Challenges. Reminder to be sent to all working groups by Erika Munkova
Evaluation how to measure both quantity and quality
Development of administration, web
Expansion of number of the members
Policy, strategic partnership, entrepreneurship, Erasmus+
The task continues, responsible – Erika Munkova

2. Ask details about KA3 Romania/Timisoara – No respond till the board meeting, the task remain. The task continues , the secretary Erika Munkova will send next email to Romanian partners
3. GOVERNANCE-MEMBERSHIP-POLICY for 2017-2018 shall be finalised in Prague Meeting.

Ad.4: Membership applications

Two next organisations applied for ENYC membership:
CUBIC – Cultur & Bildung im Context, Tirol , Austria
International youth centre (IYC) for children at youth at risk, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
The board agreed positively, that both applicants will be invited for next GA

Ad. 5: GA 2017 program

Following programme and details for GA 2017 in Wurzburg have been proposed and agreed by the present Board members:

Arrival day 16th January

Afternoon : Meeting of the Board with new comers
Board meeting to check all the prepared materials, documents
Dinner at 19:00

GA 2017 – 17th January
9:30 – 10:30 Opening of the GA
Welcome of members by representative of JUBI
Checking the quorum of members for decisions
Election of new Board member
10:30 -11:15 Activity report, Financial report, activity plan, financial plan
11:15 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 12:30 Presentation of 5 newcomers
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
14:00 – 16:00 Workshops
16:00 Close of the GA

16:30 – 19:30 Visit of the city
20:00 – Dinner
21:00 – Party

Departure day 18th January
Departure of participants

The secretary Mrs.Erika Munkova with Mrs. Anastazja Zydor from hosting organisation will work to collect all necessary information for GA . The infopack will be on the ENYC website

Ad. 6: Mobility office – Web

The new web of ENYC is functional. The secretary will send the information to each member about
The mobility office will put all the impotant informations and documents on web
The INfopack for GA will be also avaible to download from the web of ENYC

Ad. 7: Operational grant

Panos Poulos informed the board about the activities necessary to carry out behalf of the approved project .The Mobility operational office sent to all board members the basic informations by Hana Sebestova. Erika Munkova will send the informations to all members in case if necessary too
The mobility office applied for the operating grant for 2017 as well

Ad. 8: Other business and discussion

The president of the Board Mrs Heli Lehto proposed to work on Strategy plan of ENYC 2017-2018 through expert teams
The Board agreed on following expert teams:
1. PR – facilitated/leaded by Gabriela Kynclova and Nadya Marynova board members (marketing ENYC, informing about ENYC..)
2. Policy – facilitated/leaded by Panos Poulos and Gurkan Akcaer board members ( Mutual influence with youth policy on European level..)
3. Membership – facilitated/leaded by Heli lehto and Erika Munkova board members (Expansion of the number of members, strategy, aproach)
Each ENYC member should be included to one of the expert teams
Mr. Panos Poulos prepared a document – Draft proposal for ENYC Strategy plan, that will be used by expert teams

The Board agreed on the plan for board meetings:
11th January 2017 – Skype meeting
16th January – Board meeting in Germany before GA
March – meeting in Turkey in case of the meeting behalf KA3 project of S&G, Turkey
5th April Skype meeting
7th June Skype meeting
6th September Skype meeting
Oktober – meeting in Albania (in case of succesfull Operating grant 2017)
November – meeting in Ireland (in case of succesfull Operating grant 2017)

The secretary Mrs.Erika Munkova will send to all members the information about the election of new Board members and ask the proposals for nominations of candidates till the end of December 2016

The secretary will inform the members that in case the legal representive or the mandated contact person for ENYC , that is mention in Application form cannot come, the member organisation will send the mandate for participating person in advance by email (scaned copy )

The mandate form will be send by Secretary to each member till the end of December 2016

Membership fee for associate members

The treasurer Mr. Panos Poulos will send information to associate members, that they have to pay the fee for 2017 in case they are want to became full members and take part on GA 2017

The meeting of Board of directors was ended at 18:15 CET

Written by:
Erika Munkova
Secretary General

President of ENYC
Heli Lehto

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