Board meeting 09.02.2013 Maribor, Slovenia

Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting
in Maribor, Slovenia, 09.02.2013

PLACE: Youth Hostel Pekarna, Maribor, Slovenia
DATE: 09.02.2013

PRESENT: Erika Munkova (SK), Heli Lehto (FIN), Panos Poulos (GR), Jurij Sarman (SI), Gürkan Akcaer (TR), Jarmila Lipkova (SK), Nadya Marinova (BG)

Ad. 1: Opening of the meeting of Board of Directors of ENYC
The President of ENYC, Mrs Heli Lehto, opened the 1st meeting of new Board of Directors in Maribor, Slovenia and welcomed everyone present.
Ad.2: Tasks for the Board of Directors after GA
Mr Panos Poulos proposed to prepare after the Board meeting the oficial protocol from GA about the elections and the constitution of Board of Directors and to send it to France. This procedure is necessary for statutory reasons (Court of Law registration) and for the bank account, regarding changes of office holders. The proposal has been accepted.
Ad.3: Decision about reimbursement for General Secretary and Mobility Operationla Office
The Board of directors decided after proposal of Mrs Erika Munkova and Mr Panos Poulos, that ENYC will reimburse the expenses of the General Secretary with the amount of 2.300 € per year and the Mobility Operational Office with the amount of 1.700 € per year.

Ad. 4: Timetable of Board meetings
The Board of directors agreed about following timetable for next meetings of Board of directors:
April 2013, Skype meeting
September 2013, Meeting in Bulgaria
November 2013, Skype meeting.
Ad. 5: Minutes from General Assembly
General Assembly’s Minutes in Maribor 2013 will be prepared by Mr Jurij Sarman and Mrs Ritva Saarikettu and will be send to Mrs Viv McKee for signature. After that they will be sent out to all members by the General Secretary of ENYC.

Ad. 6: Seminar in Bulgaria
Mrs Nadya Marinova announced that the Bulgarian partners prepare a seminar for ENYC members. The seminar will supported by the Bulgarian Youth Ministry / National Agency and it will be held in Bulgaria in September 2013.

Ad. 7: Pool of Trainers of ENYC
Mr Gürkan Akcaer and Mrs Erika Munkova will collect all information related to the Pool of trainers from ENYC partner organizations, that can contribute on projects of ENYC network in the future.

Ad. 8: Date of the next GA
ENYC GA 2014 will be in Turkey in January 2014. Exact dates will be confirmed by Mr Gürkan Akcaer.

Mrs Heli Lehto

Mrs Erika Munkova
General Secretary